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Hello, and I’m so thrilled that you stopped by for a little Kefi.  Much has happened, and many of you have commented personally, and via fb, since I last wrote to you.  Overall, I am really excited that you are longing to discover and implement solid ways to get fit, strong, and smaller in some cases.  Remember, it’s not what you lose, but what you gain when you go for that hot, cute and spicy body.  Today’s blog will cover, workout lessons, benefits of healing, a few meal plans, planning, consistency, and getting up – not down!

Firstly, you ever hear that song BAD by Michael Jackson?  Well, lately Michael is singing that to me.  I haven’t been totally naughty, just partially with regards to nutrition and fitness.  My sleep and balance are at peace with each other as the last 2 weeks I have been averaging 7-8 hours of shuteye, combined with yours truly not accepting tasks that overwhelm me.  This combo makes a world of difference with mood and performance.

The bad part: my workouts, in the midst of lower back pain, have been mostly intense.  I can’t help it, I want to kick a– and working out releases my happy endorphins, plus I want to be prepared for my duathlon this summer. I was originally going to do the Galena duathon in May, but that weekend is not working out so I found one in June, which is in Wisconsin, and it comes highly recommended.  This sprint distance is ideal for me to jump back into racing.  Distance: 2.5 mile run- 12.5 mile bike ride- 3.1 mile run; so to prepare, as of now I’m riding compu trainer (CT) 3x a week.  Last week after one of my hard sets I felt great, but the next morning when I bent over and got up I felt like a crane was lifting a 500-pound rock, which was sitting below my waist.  I was hunched over for one day, and this limitation sent me into panic mode.  Immediately, my head was spinning with thoughts of relieving my pain, and my first instinct was fast-  get a massage.  I called over to Your Natural Element, and Maria the ever so knowledgeable owner, hooked me up with the Olympic Deep tissue masseuse (this is a joke, but VIDA is THAT good and that bad meaning good-my muscles were screaming for her to stop).  Poor Vida was rubbing so deep to release my rock hard muscles that I thought she would break a sweat at some point, she never did.  Vida was relentless on her endeavor to loosen me up, and I did walk out of there feeling better but not completely healed. Maria suggested I take hot baths with sea salts in the tub at night, and by golly that has been helpful on several levels.  Hot baths are relaxing, the heat all over your body helps you sleep better at night, and baths loosen up the tight gunk.  Plainly put, it’s a way to take 5 for yourself.  Hot baths are simple, yet powerful- IM HOOKED.

After my enlightening at Your Natural Element, I decided I better cut my workouts in half and strengthen my core, which is the culprit of my problems.  My trunk area is not supporting the extra work I am asking my body to do on the bike and on the treadmill.  Besides the decision to chill a little with riding and running, it was time to finally reach out to Janelle!  Janelle, a phenomenally fit, strong and lean machine teaches yoga and core work.  A year earlier, I had met Janelle at the dog park when I asked her about her super groovy tye dye leggings that only Janelle can wear and look amazing!!!!  Besides Janelle looking like she is the mirror of fantastic fitness, she is humble.  Love her.  After our stretch/yoga session I felt open, muscles loosened, mentally oxygenated, free and rid of blockage.  Does this sound insane?  I’m not sure how these moves get you to feel light and free, but they do!  I’m back on track, and plotting my workout schedule with more consideration for what my body is conditioned to do.  Massage, hot baths, tweaking my workouts and getting more core work is healing my body, and allowing me to move forward in a logical way.


When something hurts, understand if the pain is from pushing too hard, wrong form, or a serious strain.  Cross training is perfect for these issues, and the water is medicine for joint and muscle ache.  Conversely, doing nothing is terrible for you.  Move some way every day.  The benefits of brisk walking are incredible, and after walking for 6 months you will start to naturally pick up the speed with a jog.  Moving is fun.

As I journey to size 8, and by the way, it’s funny what others think you should look like, my nutrition intake has been a 7 out of 10.  I’m great on eating the right foods, but eating too much.  I blame it on the cold weather and my strong workouts, but truly it’s lack of planning.  When it comes to food, details and planning are imperative.  The detail comes in the form of the 5’s.  When am I eating, Why am I eating, Where am I eating, What am I eating and How am I eating?

When: 5 x a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner and 2 snacks

Why: to fuel your body for daily activity- not because you are bored the food looks cute on the table.

What: proteins, fruits, vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, and water are a good start

Where: sitting and using a plate and utensils

How: slowly and enjoyably

My friend Tina, who is part of the Kefi community, asked me about some healthy meals and snacks so I will share what I have been taught to eat by nutritionists and trainers.


1-oatmeal, lots of berries, shaved almonds and cinnamon

2- 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 piece of multi grain toast, fruit

3- Fage yogurt with nuts, berries and cinnamon

4- 2 egg omelet with feta, spinach, tomatoes, green onion and 1 piece multi grain toast  (my fav)

5- cottage cheese and pineapple

6- ½ wheat bagel toasted with natural peanut butter and jelly


1-salad with all kinds of veggies add protein

2-grilled chicken breast ( I bought a Le Creuset which I cook all my proteins on) steamed broccoli with olive oil and lemon, cherry tomato salad with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper

3-spinach and quinoa with chicken from Protein Bar-

my favorite go-to meal and only 350 calories- quick, easy and nutritious

4- fakes (lentil bean soup) pork chops with lemon, fruit as much as I want

5- stir-fry with any and all green veggies mixed with steak, chicken or salmon

6- Tuna salad (light on the condiments) 1 piece grain bread


1- Pear, cheese stick, 12 almonds

2- Clementine, Skinny pop popcorn (come in individual bags and only 100 calories)

3- honey crisp apples with natural peanut butter

4- watermelon or Pom Poms Fresh Arilles Frais which are pomegranate seeds

5- Sofie’s smoothie – excellent recipe  & available if you request email me [email protected]

6- broccoli and humus

When I have a sweet tooth I eat ½ a bar of dark chocolate.

These suggestions are healthy, delicious and filling.


Water should be consumed with every meal and in between.  Coffee and tea are great for sides and treats.  I’ve been drinking flavored coffee with organic half and half, and I love Republic of Tea’s numerous flavors- especially the hibiscus.

It is the observation of many experts that our society is largely centered on oversized portions of food and lengthy occasions of sitting.  Time to take a healthy stand for yourself! Change your mind to change your life.  Get a new mindset about food and movement. Stock your house with delicious and healthy edibles that energize you! Plan your meals, grocery shop on Sundays or Mondays for the week, cut your fruit and snacks ahead of time to eat what you want, not what is merely available, and get excited about the opportunity to Get Kefi!

In conclusion, no matter how long it takes you, GET THIN FAST is a BIG FAT LIE, and how many times you have to start over, one-day things will all click and come together for the you that you desire to be!  Enjoy the learning, journey and apply the healthy habits that create A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body! Life is too short to beat yourself up over mistakes, learn and move forward.

Unknown said “Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible!”  Audrey Hepburn


Until next time, eat, live, laugh, have fun and move it!

Yours in Kefi,

(The Roadrunner) kiki





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