Movement & Motivation: Kefi Blog #2

Happy 2014!

For all the cute, hot and spicy people that are joining me on the journey to hot body, I have officially begun my personal expedition.

Upon returning from Florida on January 5, I have gradually begun to implement a few helpful routines. I granted myself permission to start out slow, and ease into this more disciplined lifestyle, which does not include chips, bread, wine, eating spontaneously and nibbling mindlessly.

Eating vegetables at lunch and dinner have made their way back into my day. WHY? Vegetables are packed with vitamins, they satisfy my hunger and most importantly veggies keep me regular on a daily basis. Bye –bye toxins and nasty waste. My easy
go- to veggies include: Lentil soup, steamed broccoli with olive oil, kosher salt and lemon, Green beans almandine from Whole Foods and my famous Greek salad. If you want this salad recipe email me at [email protected]

My plan was to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I have been averaging 4 a day. My water intake must be increased, and it will make a big difference. Ok, something to work on.

I have been eating 3 meals a day with a protein in each meal, but I need to cut my portions. After I did compu trainer on Tuesday, and before lunch, I was very hungry and I grabbed a bagel and paired it with ham and cheese. I should have had a slightly more efficient protein snack ready to devour because my 11.30-mile ride with several threshold intervals burned all my energy, and had me craving a BIG meal. Next time I workout this hard I will PREPARE a filling and nutritious snack to take the edge off.

Because I’m on the go all day long, I’m snacking all day. Berries, tangerines, apples, veggies and humus and nuts are mostly the snacks in the house. I know that I am eating too many nuts, but I’m good on the fruits and veggies, which Weight Watchers promotes eating in any quantity. I am not following Weight Watchers, but their new allowance is one I have adopted, and eating fruits and veggies help me eat less junk.

Workouts, compared to the previous 2 years, have been moderate, but keeping me moving. The last four days I have been running a couple miles on the treadmill, and Tuesday I went to compu trainer (CT) class. Next week I’ll kick into a higher gear. The schedule has me doing Total body run on Monday, CT on Tuesday, walk on Wednesday, CT on Thursday, run on Friday and long CT on Saturday.

If you currently do not workout, begin by walking outside for 15 to 20 minutes, 5 days a week and build from there. Personally, years of intense working out have taught me that it’s the food that gets you the body. You can workout until the cows home, but if your intake is high, fat is being stored. However, I would never forfeit exercise for anything because it tightens me up, and most importantly it releases those happy and magical endorphins. Now that is KEFI!!!!

Today was exciting because I mentally decided to sign up for the May 17- Galena duathlon. Check it out if you want to register and join me in the fun.
2 mile Run – 16.8 Bike ride- 4.2 mile Run, which is just enough of a challenge to get me pushing harder than I have in the last couple of months.

Subsequently, I headed out and bought a new pair of running shoes. My present shoes are completely worn down. Rule of thumb is to change out your running shoes when you have cranked out 300-500 miles in your sneaks. After running in Nike Lunar Glides for 5 years, Saucony – Power Grids are my new choice; wider in the toe and narrow on the heel with just the right support for my foot. I’m ready to take off.

Regarding the duathlon; training for an event keeps me honest and accountable to working out. I only compete with myself, and that competition is to get better, faster and fitter along the way. Another fun goal I have set for the year is to log 1,000 miles in 2014 (thanks Aaron for this idea); walking, running or cycling all counts towards obtaining these miles. To date I have 21.5 miles under my belt. YAY! I may purchase a Jawbone to easily track my milage…keep you posted.

You may have noticed a pattern here, which follows suit with a lifestyle. This Kefi lifestyle is about developing a sound mind in a healthy body. All the choices and routines point to movement, motivation, nutrition, health and wellness, and this lifestyle will get me to size 8 or smaller if I chose. No pressure, no limits, no negativity, no guilt only progress – even if tiny at times. If I mess up, and I have already, I’ll get back up and get it going once again. I’ll be in touch again soon, but in the meantime feel free to reach out by emailing me [email protected]

Yours in Kefi,
Kiki (the Roadrunner)


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