Stop The Chatter

To all my friends in the Kefi community, welcome back.  I love that you have returned for more positive energy via the Kefi Coach (me) and the plethora of experts from which I have learned a great deal.  As a sponge, I soak up, and apply as much advantageous and supportive information as I can, and then I share with you! A large number of you on face book are communicating with me, and you have made it known that you are very interested in my personal “life changing” philosophy, which is to develop a Sound Mind in a Healthy Body.  The Greek philosophers from Socrates to Hippocrates are unified in this manifesto of mind-body synergy.  It is empowering and powerful!  I’m pleased to see that so many of you want to learn the fundamentals that are proven to create and maintain wellness.

On my journey down to size 8 from 10, I continue to fuse the basics of nutrition, exercise and healing techniques.  Some of my fitness efforts have me back pedaling as a result of skipping the end of every workout, which is core work. Since 2006 I have worked out with 7 professional trainers, who each happen to have an elite background in athletics.  Each trainer had me doing sufficient core work in combination with cardio/strength training.  For the first time in 8 years, I let the core work go all together, but continued to run daily without building up my trunk, which supports my form and my ability to go farther and go stronger. In hindsight, I think I eliminated the core work because I was so busy and I didn’t have time for the last 10 minutes, the most important 10 minutes.  Since December 15th 2013, or so, my lower back has been nagging me every day with occasional relief after a massage/ hot bath or yoga.  Because I am still feeling the on and off again discomfort, today I woke up believing there is something really wrong with my back, but this morning before my total body workout, coach Sara told me to lie down on the floor, on my belly, and she punched my a—really hard.  Sara asked me if that hurt my butt, aka gluteus.  “Well,” I said, “it doesn’t feel pleasant when you punch my a–, but it doesn’t hurt either.”  Then she gently rubbed/soft punched my lower back and once again she asked if that hurt, “YES, that hurts” I said.  Whew, this isolated pain was a good sign because it was not originating in my hamstrings, but in my lower back due to my core being weak. Whew, my cycling is not the problem, and the bike is not the problem, instead it’s my soft mid section.

TIP #1: It’s important to find the root of a problem and solve it, not bandage it.

TIP #2: Do not take shortcuts, you will pay for it somewhere and somehow.

My workout today involved a walk warm-up on flat surface leading to incline, leading to jog with concentration on form.  Instruction was to shorten my steps, run on the front of my foot, not heel strike and keep me lower half under positioned under my shoulders.  Next, we did active leg stretching while I was standing up, and then went to sit-ups front and side ones.  When we started the workout this morning, I did not believe my back would hold up for all this activity, but it did as I warmed up everything actively and properly.  Next a HOT bath and keep back warm all day with a dose of Aleve to relive the inflammation.  Wham bam -thank you m’am, it all helped, and I’m back in business and feeling like I can continue my workouts leading to duathlon.

TIP #3: Stop the chatter in your head, and don’t tell yourself I have to quit due to non-serious pain, when the pain in question can be worked around and managed.

This mindset reminds me of what the tenacious and winning coach Vince Lombardi said, “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”  I have worked too hard to throw in the towel now. Furthermore, since I’ve made several adjustments to my workouts, and I have been working diligently to stay consistent, I have been motivated to be mindful of what I am eating.  This week has been better than last week with lighter meals at dinner, smaller portions at lunch, less snacking, and more water.  I did drink a few vinos last Friday night, but I skipped the pizza and opted for salad and veggies with humus.  Tasted great, and I enjoyed my du vin (wine) When you work hard you don’t feel like eating junk.

Another way I am staying on track as I evolve my Sound Mind into a Healthy Body, is to treat myself to something special, and to partake in healing activities.  The days can be very long for me as I begin at 6am and go non-stop until 10 at night.  My restoration is breathing in essential oils.  Do I sound goofy?  Well, a new friend, Christy, has introduced me to Tata Harper oils, and when I breathe in the aroma I feel at ease and vibrant.  There is science in these oils and they work.  They may  sound foreign and threatening to you, or quite possibly they may sound soothing. Whatever the case, be sure to treat yourself to the things that bring you joy as a reward for your hard work, and as a way to create peace in your space.

I would like to take a look at someone who lives Kefi (positive energy- that smile says it all) and epitomizes the Sound Mind -Healthy Body synergy; his name is Russell Wilson.  Watching Russell during the Super bowl was inspiring and encouraging.  As a focused and well-balanced athlete on the winning Seattle Seahawks, it was clear to see that Russell does not allow the chatter in.  In past circumstances, when coaches told Russell he was too small for football, he said “I can play this game, and I’m good at it.”  When others doubted him, he asked, “Why not me?”  Russell has obviously worked hard.  Even though with that golden arm he led Wisco to the Rose bowl, in 2011 none of the NFL teams wanted him for their own. In  2012 he was a  third round draft pick, Seattle picked him on a whim, and he ran with it—fast!!! No grudges, only preparation and more work than the next guy.  You see, when you stop the chatter and you act on what you believe to be true and good, things happen for you!  Remember to believe in yourself.

My friends Tina, Mary Pat, Lisa, Dean, Leslie and Mike, who have connected with me in cyber space and share their strong desire to be fit, healthy and lookin good, believe in themselves.  So do I!  Therefore, it is time for each of us to Get Kefi and move our minds and bodies to CUTE, HOT and SPICY! Until the next time, please feel free to reach out anytime you need to – [email protected].

Yours in Kefi,

Kiki (The roadrunner)







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