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Recently, fb friends, twitters followers and friends in general have been commenting how they just love the inspiration all of us are exchanging these days.  Tina, Mary Pat, Leslie, David, Paul and Antigone have been positively affected by my Strong Mind- Healthy Body journey that I so lovingly share with each of you in the Kefi community. When we share and boost each other up we seem to go farther on our journey, but beware, keep an open mind because you never know where you will experience the guiding light.

Recently, I was surprised to be completely captivated by a speaker who delivered a profoundly meaningful message which was simply the truth. My daughters and I attended a local fundraiser for hungry orphans in Nigeria held at Fenwick High School.  We were an intimate group of families that showed up, but we were the fortunate ones who were thrust in the presence of Father Joe.  Father Joe is from Nigeria and he annually hosts a gathering to help the children of his hometown village.  The message that night was for us and for them.  “Never abandon yourself.” What? Is this what we do, leave ourselves at the curb with no care or consideration for how we will fare today or tomorrow?  If that is the case, we cannot help anyone, including ourselves.  It is up to me to make me better, and it’s also your job to work on you.  Take care of yourself, stick up for yourself, don’t let anyone put you down.  We have a responsibility to ourselves first so we can then go outward to work for or help others.  How can we help the orphans or anyone else in need if we first don’t have the stamina or health to care for ourselves?  This is the point, whatever your age, do not abandon yourself in any situation.  Care enough about yourself to exercise, eat the healthiest of foods, have silence now and again, fill your mind and heart with meaningful matter.  Leave the toxic things behind.

As a mother, when it comes to me, guilt enters my mind when it’s time to get a massage, do a long workout, get my hair done or partake in something refreshing for myself.  I usually think to myself that I should be doing something for my children, but in fact if I break down, I wont be able to do anything for anyone.  This thought has lessened through the years because of an innocent conversation I engaged in over a decade ago.  At that point, I rarely took the time needed to revive or restore my mind and body, and my mind and body reveled that.  I was subconsciously searching for ways to get on track with my health, and as my fate would go, one day when I was dropping off my children at Montessori I ran into a Greek friend of mine, Greeks love to exchange ideas, and I asked Nancy how on earth she looked so fabulous with 3 small children to care for.  “I invest in my health, and I do it by working with personal coaches and trainers.”  I asked her how expensive it was, and she replied, “I’d rather spend money at the gym than in the hospital.”  This philosophy completely resonated with me, and ever since that day I have prioritized  my money with fitness, health and nutrition, first above all else.  It’s taken me years of personal trial and error working with various personal trainers, and I’m still a work in progress, but absolutely I am in a much better place.

Yesterday is a perfect example of not abandoning myself. The past five days I did not stretch or work on core in the midst of impromptu increased responsibilities, and I developed a super tight muscle in my lower gluteus and back.  Slow limping replaced energetic walking.  I contemplated saving the money and time by stretching at home and keeping my schedule with everyone, or could I take the time for me and schedule a 90 minute massage.  It only took me one day to do the latter.   Today, I feel 80 percent stronger and with only a 20 percent level of painful discomfort. My professional massage therapist, Molly, was experienced, in tuned and she had a thorough understanding of the human body.  Thank God I did not abandon myself in this instance because I would have delayed my healing which would have caused mood deterioration. My massage relieved my super tight muscles, relaxed my nervous system and relieved my aches due to tight iTband.

Everything is connected in our bodies so it is really important to keep it all working in synergy.  A massage creates a pleasant emotional feeling because human touch is healing and comforting to the body. Our bodies are the shell of our essence and we must preserve ourselves to get through this life with Kefi- or positive energy. Many people do everything but care for themselves, and that is not wise.  It may be time to reorganize your schedule or your daily behaviors.

When you begin to preserve yourself, and start to make the kefi- positive change towards a Sound Mind In Healthy body, please remember that change and growth take time. Do things in day tight compartments, one small step at a time, get back up, don’t give up, learn from the pros, apply and reapply the good, the true and the beautiful.

Yours in Kefi,

The Roadrunner-kiki

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