Constant Consumption

Happy day all!

How about a du-weight update? Since beginning my size 8 journey and duathlon training back in December, the progress has been slow but steady.  No real big surprises or gains, but instead progressive ones that are amounting to improvement.  Winter 2013-14 in Chicago made it challenging to get outdoors, but overall I stayed focused on getting my daily program done.  My trips down south, especially this most recent one, has been instrumental to rebooting and adopting a new perspective to the practice of Mindful Consumption.

More on that shortly, but for now ……

As I fly back to Chicago from Naples, I’m feeling pretty good.  Pascha was the most meaningful to date, and I enjoyed celebrating in warm weather this year.  Of course we spent several days at nature’s greatest element, the beach. The natural vitamin D from Florida’s sun rays coupled with the heavy salt from the Atlantic ocean invigorated me beyond belief. I loved combining land and water running because the water relaxed my muscles so much. The ocean salt water was so heavy it stung my body, but healed every part of my aches and pains.  This past winter my workouts were mostly laced with a lot of sore and tight muscles, which I spent much time relieving with ice packs and epsom salt baths.  It makes sense that a change of scenery and temperature would recharge my engine and redirect my focus.  I was also in need of this deviation to warmer climate energy because the time has arrived for me to kick into a higher gear for my upcoming duathlon in June.  My workouts on the beach, the healing properties of the ocean coupled with the summer like temps were mentally a great entry into the next phase of training which will incorporate bricks.

Bricks are consecutive workouts that incorporate 2 or more forms of exercise one after another.  Twitter and fb followers know that I have been averaging 35 miles of cycling a week and only 4 miles of running a week and each on separate days.  It’s now time to do them in conjunction with each other, and beef up the running.  So, beginning this week each cycle day will include an approximate 14 mile ride followed by a one mile brisk jog.  I’ll do that 2 times a week and on one day of the week I will incorporate a one hour total body workout with emphasis on leg drills and interval running.  The remaining two days I will go out and jog for about a half an hour with some added push-ups and core work at the end.

Even though I feel as though I’m  a little behind the eight ball, coach Sara says I will be ready.  The combo of strength work, bricks and cardio intervals will have me prepared.  I am promising myself to stay consistent with my training program, even when I don’t feel like doing it or even when my schedule gets nutty, which it will in May.

Weight update:  I’m not into weighing myself, but I do monitor progress with the fit and feel of my clothes.  The scale has always been my adversary because my body fluctuates so much with water weight and muscle gain. Currently I am still wearing size 10, but the clothes in that number are loose and I have graduated into size eight in some clothing.  It’s time to concentrate on the details of food ingredients, more water and less food. This amounts to mindful consumption.  The notion of consumption came up in a very interesting conversation we had a few days ago with our friends Michael and Laura.

Our discussion began with us sharing our travel experiences, and the lessons we learned from various cultures in the countries we have each visited.  Michael was describing the difference between the people of China and Japan.  Basically, in China it’s a free for all with people milling about and behaving without organization.  In Japan, people are orderly and respectful when moving around.  The Japanese people never hold food or drink when they are driving, taking public transportation or walking.  Therefore their consumption is naturally limited to a schedule of meals at a table in a dining setting.  Their consumption is lower. Laura pointed out that it’s the opposite in America where generally speaking we always have a coffee in our hands or we are munching on something as we rush here and there.  CONSTANT CONSUMPTION is an addiction I have and I have to reduce.  I really believe that CONSTANT CONSUMPTION is comparable to mindless snacking. Snacks are a good idea when we are hungry, but the snack should not turn into a grazing session.  I can say this because I have done it, and it’s a road block.  STOP, not anymore.  My food consumption goal is to limit it to when I am 80 percent full, and to avoid grazing.

CONSTANT CONSUMPTION is prevalent in these United States of America, but for the sake of our sanity and health, we should shift to mindful consumption.  This practice works with food, activities, technology, socializing and purchasing.  Move around with intention and focus, unless you are lounging at the beach or its rest time. That is a time to CHILL.

The practices of the Japanese are good ones to apply.  Order, mindful consumption and respect for ourselves and others translates to a fit and focused mind and body.  I am adopting this practice to help me reach my weight and fitness goals.  Come June, I’ll be ready for the duathlon and my improved physique.

For now, I wish you a kefi-nated day full of positive energy, laughter and mindful consumption!

Yours in Kefi,

Kiki (the Roadrunner)



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