Thanksgiving, with all its trimmings, feasts and gatherings is most essential for one distinct reason- a reminder for us to give thanks for every single good thing in our lives.   I bet you could find a handful or more of things to be extremely grateful for.  Today, I am giving gratitude to all those who are helping me, (whether they know it or not) reach my weight goal, consequently resulting in a Sound Mind living in a Healthy Body!  You may not know these people, but what they have told me, may help YOU on YOUR Sound Mind-Healthy Body journey!!

First and foremost THANK YOU God for the vast treasury of goodness I enjoy.

THANK YOU Jenifer and Sheila for developing DEMI-BAR PILATES -FIXE- ENERGIE into a community that improves, strengthens and empowers women, men and children to feel, look and be at their very best!  I absolutely adore your business. I love how you both desire the greater good for your clients/friends.  You really care.  You are both excellent examples of health and wellness, therefore wonderful role models to the rest of us.  Thank you for introducing me to Precision Nutrition, it has kept me honest!

THANK YOU Brian for encouraging me, pushing me and wanting me to do Precision Nutrition.  You said even if I lost one pound on PN, it would be worth all the effort.  I’ve lost 9 pounds so far and it’s not only been worth it, it’s slowly becoming my lifestyle, one which I love because it’s good for me and I feel great!  People- take care of yourselves, and lighter really is better.  Wish me courage to the goal line- I certainly wish you health and wellness

THANK YOU Sandra for hooking me on the dynomite fat burning TABATA!  It’s fast, fun and high energy.

THANK YOU Tammi for your razor sharp leadership in Demi- Bar Pilates.  My butt is already 2 inches higher. You are the epitome of “dancer body.”

THANK YOU Molly for teaching a fat busting circuit class. You live what you preach.

THANK YOU Kathryn, Patricia, Sophia & Jimmy for always be the angel on my back subtly encouraging me to finish what I start and not give up.  Sophia I distinctly remember when I was training for my first half marathon and I had come to my 14th training week when I would run my 13 miles for the first time ever.  I doubted myself, and you told me that if I ran the 13 that day, then on race day I could do it because I had already completed the distance before.  You got me out the door, and I ran the full 13, and when I got home you said…I knew you could do it mom.

Jimmy- the night before my duathlon, I was getting home late from an event and all that night I had been, for some odd reason, trying to talk myself out of doing the duathlon which I had training for and which I was ready for.  I arrived home and saw that road bike tires were flat.  I told you I wasn’t going to do the duathlon, and you said mom why would you not do something you worked for?  You found the bike pump, filled my tires and helped me load the car with all gear for race day.  THANK YOU for pushing me to move forward in the face of a little fear.

THANK YOU Kathryn & Patricia for sending constant motivation.  Everyone needs a support team.

THANK YOU Dr Gallera for educating our PN group on food and living “whole.”  You said to eat consistently every day, don’t skip meals, eat often and eat more of the right stuff.  Love the science about a body that eats more nutritionally and often, is a body that works harder and burns fat.  “ Remember, what you eat today doesn’t matter as much as what you ate all week and all month.  Also- organic is better.” Thanks also for your input about “living balance” and suggesting that avoiding a nasty burn out of any part of the body. All systems must work in synergy. For more insight visit:

THANK YOU Monique Prohaska MA, LPC, ATR, RYT who spoke to PN group about Emotional Eating.  Wow- we have to fill our void with something other than food.  Appreciate your suggestions on logging food for accountability and recognizing patterns, reiterating the value of sleeping well and the implications of not sleeping well. Grateful to have a new approach to eating healthy; do the OPPOSOSITE when tempted with bad food. Instead of telling yourself you want that bad food, tell yourself I want the good food so I can feel great and not hurt my body.

THANK YOU Jill for being a great nutrition coach! Your pep talk and recommended ways to stay on program as much as possible during Thanksgiving travel was super beneficial. You made me accountable by having me write down my plan before I traveled. The plan included my workouts, when and where I would shop for food, things I should do first thing in the morning when I wake up, and deciding ahead of time what my cheat days would consist of if in fact I was going to splurge. From here on out, I will always have a plan before I travel.

THANK YOU Lisa- Ultra Marathoner magnifique for telling me that I always have more in the tank when you coached me for my first 1/2, and I love how you reminded me that the discomfort I was experiencing was only temporary.  Thank you for teaching me about the Governor, and for illustrating how setting boundaries would set me free.  Most importantly- thanks for encouraging me not to second-guess myself.  I have good instincts!

THANK YOU Iron Man competitor Sara- love the way you coached me with an easy manner, making me believe I could do those jump squats across the football field without apprehension.  Panic went off the field and confidence embraced me. I jumped and squatted from the 10 to the 10 and then did stadium stairs.  Anything is possible if you build and climb with an “I can attitude.”

THANK YOU Brendan Brazier – Professional Ironman Triathlete & Nutrition Coach-for creating Vega One protein powder for adding to veggies/fruits to create a healthful smoothie, which when consumed generates KEFI ENERGY!  Love you.

THANK YOU Christiana for healing techniques.  Drink plenty of water, honor your temple, use acupuncture when needed.

THANK YOU Molly for introducing me to the MIO line.  It’s fantastic for muscle soreness & tightening.  Sexy – here I come.

THANK YOU Marcy for emphasizing the importance of GRATITUDE and taking the time to give us positive quotes after Fluid Run every week. My favorite quote of yours: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else.” Charles Dickens

Finally THANK YOU the reader for checking in and being inspired to BE HEALTHY AND CREATE A MORE VITAL COMMUNITY.

PLEASE-  Count your blessings not your obstacles & remember at times, problems are disguised opportunities waiting to be fleshed out.  DONT EVER GIVE UP!


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