As we near Thanksgiving, I feel especially blessed to have each of you read my blog!  I sincerely hope that when you read any of my blogs that you take away something positive to apply to the growth of your life.

Today’s conversation includes an idea of how to keep moving during the holiday that we all look forward to feasting on.  The study of Kinesiology advocates that there is nothing more dangerous than physical inactivity; my contribution to that is, this Thanksgiving plan ahead to start your movement early on that day.
Participating in the BEAT THE BIRD run is a fun, admirable and beneficial way to get moving for the sake of students at Chicago Hope Academy!

Endure It! – together with their sponsors invite the community to come out and run/walk through Fullersberg Woods in Oak Brook, Il to benefit The Chicago Hope Academy
Not only do you help yourself when registering and participating in the BEAT THE BIRD run, you truly make a difference in the lives of the students at the Academy.  You can run, walk or stroll at your leisure.  Just get it moving friends.  To register visit

Like last year, there are awesome prizes as incentives: Chicago Blackhawks tickets, Chicago Bulls tickets, a Phat Cruiser, Physical Therapy assessments, and so much more.

The Aid and Finishing stations will have gourmet food supplied by STANDARD MARKET in Westmont.

Whatever your exercise will be this holiday, let it be fun and make sure to get in!  Here is what STRAIGHT HEALTH suggests:

1. Plan a Thanksgiving Day Event.
(BEAT THE BIRD- already planned!!!!)
Meet up with your friends, family and neighbors the morning of Thanksgiving and exercise together. You can start a tradition and play a game of football, baseball or any other sport. Good competition will always get you in the mood to work hard. You can also gather everyone up for a Thanksgiving Day run or walk around the neighborhood.

2. Run a 5k. There are lots of organizations that schedule 5k runs around Thanksgiving.
(BEAT THE BIRD!) They usually support a great cause (CHICAGO HOPE ACADEMY!) and are also really good workouts. Running a 5k burns a huge amount of calories the day of the race in addition to all the training you do leading up to the big day.

3. Make a Deal. Thanksgiving is one of those times you can’t always control yourself. You might think you’ll only eat a little but once all those dishes come out of the kitchen, more food is going to wind up in your plate than you had hoped for. To negate some of those calories, make a deal with yourself (you can include friends and family too). Tell yourself that for every serving over what is normal, you’ll run 1/2 a mile or 10 minutes. Get creative and make your own criteria but make sure you follow it. If you tell others about it, you’re more likely to stick with it.

4. Pre/Post Thanksgiving Workout. Since Thanksgiving is all about tradition, think about how the Pilgrims and Indians got around back in those days. There were no cars or busses. If they wanted to get somewhere, they’d walk or ride a horse. Since it isn’t realistic to walk (or ride your horse) to your Thanksgiving Dinner, simulate the walk by working out 30 minutes longer than normal on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and 30 minutes longer on the Friday after.

5. Walk it Off. Don’t forget to have a post Thanksgiving Meal walk. Walking will burn a few calories and let your mind unwind after being stuck inside all day long.

The Bottom Line
Exercise is a good way to keep the unwanted holiday weight off. Exercising doesn’t necessarily require a gym and there are plenty of ways to burn calories while spending time with your family.  Burn baby Burn!

Another blog, concerning gratitude, coming next week before Thanksgiving, don’t miss it.

In the meantime, when you plan your food, guest list and ambiance for the meal, remember to prepare the activity you will participate in!


Yours in Kefi and love,

kiki (The Roadrunner)

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