Good day !

Life continues to throw curve balls and I have to adapt by redirecting myself.

Pertaining to  my weight loss- health gain program, I have been soft on my disciplines, and I have allowed myself

to park in Neutral;  Gotta get back into Drive!

Many of you have told me you are in the same position, so allow me to share my recommitment plan, which you

may want to follow, or you may be inspired to create your own plan.


Today I will drink 8-12 glasses

Today I will plan out my food for the week

Today I will eat the freshest, most nutritious food available to me

Today I will eat the right amount of food

Today I will eat three meals, and I will eat them slowly

Today I will track every morsel of food that goes in my mount

Today I will move some how – some way

Today I will remind myself that healthy weight loss takes time

Today I will remind myself that consistency is the way to experience gains

Today I will redirect my thoughts toward my North Star

Today I will honor my mind, body and spirit

Today I will lift, hold and walk around for ten minutes, an object that is the same amount of weight that I want to shed

Today I will reflect on my progress to date

Today I will read or surround myself around people who have the same healthy intentions

Today I will finish what I start

Today I will remind myself that if it is to be it truly is up to me

Today I will get back up if I screw up

Today I will see the beauty in all things

Today I will live with Kefi-Positive Energy

Today I will say Thank You






Kiki is a master interviewer with 25 years broadcasting on Kansas City and Chicago radio. She was a prevalent force at WMAQ & WBBM radio where she was the first female airborne news/traffic reporter in the "Windy City". Kiki’s voiceover work has garnered her Omni awards for Evian water and Coca-Cola commercials. These days Kiki enjoys energizing audiences on stage during motivational speaking engagements, and through writing. Her highly regarded “Kefi-That Life Force” column, was published previously in The Greek Star. She’s currently working on her first non-fiction book. [ View all posts ]