Someone Who Helped Me – December 2015

We begin with the last person, actually a team of people, who most recently taught me how to mindfully partake in food and fitness.  Although I have been eating and exercising for a lifetime, it wasn’t until I suffered a painful back injury that I was finally convinced I must learn the true and best way to eat and live healthfully.  I believe I found it, but I was doing it all along only in a fragmented way.  (This entry inspired my first Greek Word Of The Week: synergy)

Jen Zeno

Meet Jen from Energie & Jill from Jill Albright Personal Training.  These women connected with each each-other to combine their talents, experience and education to
create the class, Lean Lifestyle, which corroborates the science, research and success of Precision Nutrition.  That is a mouthful, but this is it in a nutshell, and it is a defined explanation of what my friend Gina once told me, which is to “connect the dots in all you do.”

Jil Albright

During the duration of Lean Lifestyle, Jen & Jill presented speakers, including themselves, who shared their expertise on emotional eating, the content and quality of foods, the plethora of exercise options which one has available to them, healthy lifestyle habits and of course we were introduced to products that encourage and enhance wellness.  The synergy of these is the beginning of a terrific blueprint for KEFI LIVING!  AND- diets do not work, educated choices do.

Through Jen & Jill, I specifically learned that nutrition is misunderstood in America, and it is the responsibility of each person to investigate the value and purpose of what we should eat to fuel, energize and enrich our lives.  Cooking with a holistic mindset will change the way you feel on a daily basis, and after a while your body will crave the real and good food you are supposed to eat; however keep in mind that planning and preparation are integral to making the correct food choices.  Jen and Jill also taught, and continue to teach, that exercise can be fun and varietal, but more importantly form and consistency are pivotal to a healthy body.  Additionally, I learned that embracing a new lifestyle takes time, and as a matter of fact, perfecting that lifestyle spans a life time.  Most importantly, food, fitness and wellness can really be fun if you decide to wear your adventure cap and promise to keep learning ways to live with positive energy for life or what I call – KEFI!

The SYNERGY of a clean diet, purposeful movement, hydration, rest and self care in unison with each is the equivalent of a healthy lifestyle.  The instruction of how to apply a synergistic healthy life was within my reach and on September 15, 2014 I gave my self permission to trust Jen and Jill, which led to complete immersion of Clean Living.

Of course, I’m still growing in this lifestyle, but certainly I have come a long way in the past 15 months, and in my estimation, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

So, thank you to my newest wellness role models Jen and Jill!

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