America-The Land Of Plenty

Jan 27, 2016 Kiki Vale

Dear friends,

Tonight my daughter was telling me a story about how hungry, actually starving people are in Nigeria. She told me about how kids will roam the forest for days hoping to find some berries to eat to sustain them for just a tad.  Her teacher, who happens to be a native of Nigeria, told the class that children will jump for joy when they get a half a stick of gum to chew, and furthermore that the simplest of things or gestures gives these greatful ones, tremendous happiness.  Why is it then that the land of excess, well at least the land of true opportunity to have more, is full of persons who are so sad and hopeless?


This stark reminder of how the other half lives is such a jolt of reality for how very blessed and fortunate we are here in these United States of America! Not all of us are equal in wealth, but true riches begin within ourselves and  from which lens we are viewing.  We have the opportunity to develop ourselves, grow and find more helpful avenues to make improvements.  We always have POTENTIAL & HOPE, and as my sweet mother says “I’m going to live until I die!”


This evening cleaning the kitchen doesn’t seem so mundane, driving to a bunch of carpools works fine for me and volunteering this weekend at my favorite charity is a gift.  To give is truly to receive!

Maybe we should all take a step back and be thankful for the little things we consider a “pain in the butt.”  BE  HAPPY we have a car, be happy we have food, be happy we have heat and be happy we have security.  Many of us have these things, let’s remind ourselves that it really is A LOT!