It’s day 5 of my 21 day nutrition/fitness commitment and I have kept my promise to myself!  It feels good to be headed in the right direction, with a solid plan of action.  Several circumstances of serious food/drink temptation presented themselves to me, but my strong determination/preparation prevailed.  As Jill suggested to me: when you are avoiding a food/drink that is not clean make sure to replace it with something else that is clean.


My go to drink and after meal dessert was a chilled glass of Acai Berry Drink: 15 calories, sweetened with natural stevia and great over ice water! Seriously, it is delicious and believe it or not somehow acts as an appetite depressant.  Of course drinking this after a properly balanced meal makes the difference, and fortunately this drink has many health benefits, like that it is loaded with antioxidants- another bonus.


This past week, while I followed all my guidelines and my nutrition was correct, I did eat a tad too much on certain days.

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK: Be precise with food portions!


*Exercised everyday

*Logged food every day for accountability

*Drank 8 glasses of water every day

*Diffused Lavender every night at bedtime

*Slept sound 6-7 hours every night

*Took all my vitamins

*Learned more about essential oils and I decided that I’m going to host an ESSENTIAL OILS PARTY!!!

* Stayed positive every day and maintained an attitude of gratitude!

Right about now- Friday feels good! Hope you can say the same!!



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