What Kind of Weekend Warrior Will You Be?


Fridays are my personal Kefi, and I love that I can get my dose of it every week!  So- here we are, once again at Friday.  Day 13 of 21 Days of my Clean Program, and my weekend is packed with events to attend, dinners to eat and drinks to drink.  Anything in my plan going to change because it’s the weekend?  Will I miss my workouts because my Friday arrived, will I make a few excuses, how will it go for me?


I usually fudge on the weekends, I make allowances, I slip a little something something in and I get a little comfortable with the process.  I take off the FOCUS HAT and switch gears to LOOSEEEE GOSSEEE cap.  Does it work for me in regards to my Plan?  Not really.  This behavior sets me back a hair and it messes with my psyche.


This weekend my plan looks different from other Fridays & weekends, but the same as the past 13 days.  I will keep my 21 day promise to myself, and proceed with no rule breakers, no excuses, no stories, no good reasons, JUST STICK TO MY PLAN- and I will do as other successful people do….



The Chicago Blackhawks Center Dave Bolland once said…”I don’t know about percentage, but I’m halfway there.”  Kefi translation: through all the adversity and uncertainty, when you are half way in, that’s farther than the beginning and closer to the end.  When Marian Hossa, veteran Chicago Blackhawks right winger and three time Stanley Cup player winning in 2009-10 and becoming the 85th player in NHL history to score 400 career goals on my birthday DEC 8, (had to add the karma of my bday) replied to a question about “How will the Chicago Blackhawks win the championship this late in the game,”  “Hossa replied, “We will stick to the plan.”  I can never forget when Hossa offered that direct and straightforward reply, and his philosophy will stay with me forever.  It’s real simple people, create a viable, proven and experienced plan and stick to it; the rest will unfold as it should.



Are you in the middle of a plan, or a clean-up or goal that needs FOCUS this weekend? Stay on track, keep the focus and stick to your plan.  Monday will roll around and you will be ahead of the game instead of behind the 8 ball.  This weekend I will be a Winning Weekend Warrior, and you?

Carpe Kefi and TGIF!






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