America’s Most Beautiful Ride- My First “Destination” Athletic Event

At the start of every new year I like to sign up and get in condition for an athletic event which will challenge my mental and physical fitness.


Past events that I have participated in include: 7 Triathlons, 1 duathlon, 1 half marathon, 10 5k’s, 1- 10 mile and 3 10K races.  My results in some of these events were good and others I was just happy to cross the finish line.  However, the silver lining is that each event taught me something, mostly that I love to set a goal and work towards it.  When “game day” arrives, the finish is always mandatory, but the pace is up in the air depending on my life situation and availability to train.

This year I signed up for two firsts; my first destination event and my first distance indiviual cycling event.  My first inclination, was to do a century ride, but after reviewing my quarterly schedule and available hours per week to appropriately prepare, I opted for the 72 mile ride instead of the 100.  My objective will be to ride a consistent, energized pace throughout the race, enjoy the scenery and stay somewhere in the middle to front tail end of the pack.  Here at home, as the weather improves, I will set training marks to hit in preparation for the the 1,000 foot climb to Spooner Junction in Nevada.



The 72-mile America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride circumnavigates the highways clockwise around Lake Tahoe in both Nevada and California. It includes a challenging 800 foot climb to a rest stop overlooking Emerald Bay and a 1,000 foot climb to Spooner Junction. There are also many short rolling ascents and descents totaling over 4,024 vertical feet of elevation gain! The altitude ranges between 6,300 feet and 7,100 feet above sea level and the ride is recommended for conditioned recreational bicyclist, not for beginners.  I qualify!


nevada sunrise



The past few months I’ve been working out for strength, endurance and weight loss.  The NASM program I’m weekly engaged in has me becoming a fit person, but now it’s time step up my game a bit with additional cycling and cardio interval training on the way to Thurnder mountain.  I’ll be posting my workouts, my progress, my good days, my challenging days and everything in between.  Join my journey as I regularly blog Kiki Takes On Tahoe.    


Here are some reviews from cyclists who have ridden America’s Most Beautiful Bike RIDE:

“I’ve ridden 4 times now and each time I am blown away. This is a huge event and the amount of work that goes into it must be great. To the riders it just seems like everything is well taken care of. The support from the check-in people, and the on-duty mechanics, and the rest area volunteers is phenomenal.”  

“This was a FABULOUS ride again this year! It lived up to its name.”  Jim Gausman

America's Most Beautiful Bike Rdie

“This was the most amazing thing I have EVER done!”  Mary Been

“Curtis Fong has the best century ride in the USA. Most beautiful, best supported, best marked. This will be my 5th time around the lake with Team in Training. I can usually see the face of God at least several times around the lake. Those of you who have done the ride know what I am talking about!!”   Billy Dujoc


Not only will this ride be a great exercise in preparation, discipline and fun, but I will get the chance to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  I’m so happy!  I have family and friends who have suffered from Leukemia, and I can’t wait to show my loving support by riding my bicycle.  I’ll set up a page for people to donate, whoever you are out there….Stay tuned.

In the meantime…WORLD CANCER DAY: February 4, 2016- tomorrow!!!! 

This is my news for today.  Maybe you have been inspired to lace up your tennies or put on those cycling shoes and get moving so you can sign up for something inspiring!


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