Another Change-Up: Combining Strength & Cardio For Fat Burning

Friends of Sound Mind-Healthy Body – time to mix up things again.



My recent 21 day clean commitment has filtered into 31 Days,  with my decision to stay strong and go for 3o days more with no special allowances.  I’m in the final lap with 7.5 pounds to go, but another trip on the horizon has spurred the need for me to make another adjustment.


My goal is to have another 4-5 pounds with-in 30 days.  During this time frame, the plan is to continue with the focused nutrition, including portion control and choosing nutrient dense foods.  The change will come within my workouts; for 30 days all of them will be strength focused because when I start my cycling training plan I’ll be reversing my formula.  As of now, I’ll create a base line from a strength perspective to get in the fat burning zone, and help me shed those pounds.  When I begin the training plan for Bike The West, I’ll go into fat burning via a cardio zone.


Next month I will begin a 12 week training plan to prepare for the 72 mile race called “Bike The West,” taking place in Lake Tahoe, June 5, 2016.  My training is designed for threshold, hills and altitude.  My training at home will ensure that my heart rate zone is effective to maintain speed and power throughout my ride in Lake Tahoe.

Change is good, and change is required.  In the meantime, stay tuned, there is more to follow!


Carpe Kefi

Kiki is a master interviewer with 25 years broadcasting on Kansas City and Chicago radio. She was a prevalent force at WMAQ & WBBM radio where she was the first female airborne news/traffic reporter in the "Windy City". Kiki’s voiceover work has garnered her Omni awards for Evian water and Coca-Cola commercials. These days Kiki enjoys energizing audiences on stage during motivational speaking engagements, and through writing. Her highly regarded “Kefi-That Life Force” column, was published previously in The Greek Star. She’s currently working on her first non-fiction book. [ View all posts ]