Day 28- Clean Eating During Travel

Greetings on this eve of Valentine’s Day.

Just got back from the Purdue University Reunion in Florida where I successfully accomplished my clean eating commitment away from home, with a few blunders for the week.


In January I committed to eating strictly clean for 21 days in order to jump start my metabolism to begin the last leg of this prolonged plateau I’ve been struggling through for the past 10 months. At the beginning of this commitment I was 12 pounds from goal.


Looking back, the challenge has consistently been that I travel every couple months, and the trips include dinners and fine wine. Consequently the 3 or 4 pounds I would drop prior to trip time, would creep back up after travel. So at the beginning of this year I said “NO” to excuses and “YES” to precise and clean eating, workouts and hydration even during trips and parties! My last workout before my departure down south, Jill said to me, “Come back the same or better, no excuses and no big stories about what went wrong.” This firm directive resonated with me.


Fast forward to February 2016 when I feel accomplished to have kept my word, even when out of my comfort zone and in the midst of mega temptation. The vacation plan was to allow for 2 cheat meals with wine in the mix, and I stuck to that with some deviation. The one meal allowance that I wanted to sample all the gourmet food got sidetracked with me entertaining a houseful of guests and no time for sitting to a meal. I didn’t eat, but I did enjoy plenty of the good vino. Due to the pace of our days and a touch of the flu I couldn’t do the exact workouts, but I did move every day with brisk outdoor walks/ sit-ups and a couple of jogs. I forgot my Shakeology packs, but instead of giving in to that mistake, I had the packs overnighted to me only missing one morning of my protein shake.


1) I kept my morning routine every morning, which was to first thing after rising, drink a 10 oz glass of water with a tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (I’ll explain that one later) followed by 1/2 glass of water with lemon followed by my Shakeo. This specific start to the day neutralized me with the proper nutrition therefore putting me on the right track for the remainder of each day.

2) I prepared and ate my lunch at home every day, which included avocado, which is a healthy fat and very filling/satiating. The nutrition was in my hands, not in the hands of some fast food place.

3) I moved at least an hour every day.

4) I drank glass of water in between each wine on my allowed days.

5) When everyone was chowing on goodies I broke out my favorite snack: cherry tomatoes with English cucumbers extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and cracked black pepper.

6) I drank as much water as my bladder could possibly hold creating a full sensation.

7) I weighed myself every morning keeping me accountable and honorable.


My body listened to my mind and I came back a pound lighter! Yahoo, first time I went away and came back better! Thank you Jill, thank you me! Today I am 7 pounds from goal. I’m going to complete this, so 21 days has turned into a continuance of precise/prepared meals all the way to FINISH!

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