Essential Oils 101

Essential oil inquiries have been rolling in at rapid fire pace.  Friends, family members and acquaintances are wondering how legitimate these oils are, and furthermore how do they work?


Essential oils are the volatile (vaporized) liquids that are distilled (separated) from plants; including parts of the plant like bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers fruit etc.  Modern Essential Usage Guide says that the power of essential oils in the realm of personal holistic health care lies in the purity, or the therapeutic grade of the oil.  Pure essential oils cannot be created in a laboratory, only distilled from a live plant. To produce desired results, one must use therapeutic grade oil.  doTerra, which is the company I order from, composes essential oils from plants, which contain the chemical constituents necessary to produce the expected therapeutic results.  In my experience, essential Oils are the answer to natural healing.



Essential oil constituents are both small in molecular size and are also lipid soluble, allowing many of them to easily and quickly penetrate the skin.  Essential Oil constituents have the potential to affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes, and then be metabolized like other nutrients.  I guess you could say that essential oils aid in keeping you healthy.




Essential oil applications include:

Topical– applying directly on skin, hair, mouth, teeth, nails or mucus membranes of the body

Aromatic– involves inhaling through a diffuser

Internal– consuming into the body, small doses are recommended, and not all oils are recommended.

Essential Oils help heal 100’s of symptoms from headaches, to lack of focus, to pain, stress, stretch marks, cancer burns and on and on.



This oil, also know as Lavandula angustifolia, helps a person heal in a variety of ways.

Use it to reduce anxiety, to calm nerves, to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, mental stress, diabetic sores, mood swings and much more.  This oil is mostly applied to skin and ingested through a diffuser.


I diffuse and smell Lavender on a daily basis.  I highly recommend it for every household.  Get it here!

When you purchase your essential oils, make sure they are therapeutic grade because anything else is not going to give you the healing results desired.  doTerra is the line I buy for me and my family to use, and the line I sell for anyone who is seeking natural remedies of wellness.

For more information on the integrity of essential oils, and how to avoid adulterated (compromised) oils, please watch the You Tube presentation with leading expert Dr. Harry Pappas featured here.

In the meantime, I encourage you to consider the benefits of essential oils for your wellness.


Carpe Kefi

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