FITBIT- A Really Great Idea

Happy Monday!

Sunday is my favorite day, but Mondays are awesome because I begin once more, revisiting my goals for a fresh new week.


If you have been frequently reading my blogs, you know that I’m on a mission to reach my weight goal and simultaneously train for Bike The West, 72 miles around breathtaking Lake Tahoe! Yahoo, and let the tracking continue.  This is one way I have been seeing results; tracking and monitoring my progress, while fine-tuning along the way.


Michael Hyatt, your virtual mentor, says that achieving your goals takes more than good intentions.  You have to take action and then systematically measure your progress.  There are numerous apps designed for just this purpose, and he has researched them presenting his top 7. Check it out HERE 


An app that I adhere to and coincides with a watch, is the Fitbit.  Fitbit is a game changer for me.  I have and use one per the suggestion of my trainer/nutrition coach Jill, but today my friend Eva brought up how much she loves her Fitbit.  I daily check my steps and calories burned on the watch, but Eva encouraged me to revisit all the features, which include floor goals, sleep monitoring, step goals, weight goals and a snapshot graph of a goals reached for the day.  These reports subliminally motivate one to make adjustments to reach the personally set goal.   I need to begin utilizing all the features for maximum progress!


There are 9 versions of Fitbit, I wear and use the Charge HR.  This model delivers automatic heart rate with out wearing a chest strap, it provides a snapshot of your health and fitness progress,  real time workout stats, maximizes calorie burn and helps you push your fitness further!  Love mine, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve fitness/nutrition with tracking!


Keep working on your Sound Mind-Healthy Body, and I’d love for us to sport less this summer with a more defined physique.


Carpe Kefi

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