Kiki Takes On Tahoe

Good morning- I love to blog after I workout because my Kefi juice is flowing and my endorphins are making their way through my body.  You know what this means: ENERGY FOR THE DAY!


Last night I broke the news that I am training for my first destination athletic event, which in my case is an individual 72 mile cycling race in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California.  Never been to Lake Tahoe, but my Facebook messages and tweet messages are flying in about how stunning Lake Tahoe is and its beauty is unsurpassable, and furthermore the consensus is that internet pics are on point with Tahoe’s exceptionally astonishing landscape.  I never realized this place is like God’s country- added incentive to train and prepare for the ride of my life.





One thing I did not mention in my previous post is that my trainer Jill Albright and  I are cycling America’s Most Beautiful Ride together.  Here at home, she is training me and she is training herself so that we can ride a strong and focused race in Tahoe.  This is sort of a personal retreat for us to see what I can do when I put my mind to an athletic plan /regime with the reward being that the event is executed in an inviting setting.  Upon reading all the fabulous and sincere posts about my ride, I firmly believe that this is the type of thing most “health minded” people are in search of; an adventure type opportunity to get in shape and live well while making the process/end result fun- that sums up KEFI!



This leads me to our other reason for the destination ride, which I had not previously revealed,  but feel compelled to do so now with the influx of interest, and that is that Jill & I are going to Tahoe to scope out this event/location in order to organize a Team KEFI Wellness Retreat next new year!  2017 could be very exciting and energized for all of us!!!  This June we will be racing and we will be checking out the potential/opportunity of making America’s Most Beautiful Ride the destination event for our friends/family and sports community.


All health and wellness interested individuals who are inclined to prepare and participate in a KEFI  Wellness Retreat….keep checking this website regularly for a plethora of information regarding training/nutrition and details of how to get yourself ready for a destination event.  One thing is for sure, wherever and whenever the Kefi Retreat happens, it will be magical.  In the meantime …



lake tahoe carousel

With the bluest of blue water and the greenest of green surrounding forest, Lake Tahoe, quite simply, transfixes. From the early Indians to authors such as Mark Twain, folks have tried to capture the beauty and mystique of the lake with nicknames like “Big Blue” and “Grasshopper Soup.” Others maintain that it’s impossible to describe the magnificence in words. At 6,225 feet above sea level, Tahoe is the highest alpine lake in the United States and has long attracted vacationers from around the world. In the summer, hiking, windsurfing, golfing, fishing and swimming (usually in wet suits due to the lake’s brisk year-round temperature) are all the rage. The winter season, which actually starts around Thanksgiving, brings throngs of skiers to area resorts. Located between California and Nevada, different sides of the lake tend to attract different types of visitors. The California side draws families and outdoor enthusiasts while the Nevada side beckons those looking for big name entertainment and casinos. No matter which side you choose, a getaway to stunning Lake Tahoe will not soon be forgotten.

I welcome the opportunity to make America’s Most Beautiful Ride my memory for the ages.


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