Lululemon Incentive – During A Combo of Programs

It’s well past 21 days of clean eating, as a matter of fact it’s Day 37- Yahoo, Im still clean.  6.5 pounds to go, and that will put me to goal.  This past weekend I decided to treat myself to a reward for keeping my commitment, and I used the reward as incentive to keep plugging along.  Yes- I splurged, I went to Lululemon and bought 3 pairs of workout leggings, which feel super wonderful on my body.  Two of the pairs are compression pants for long bike rides, those workouts are  just around the corner with my Bike The West Training.



When you look the part, you feel the part -and I wanted some great Lululemon gear to get my Kefi going during this next phase of workouts.  Tonight, my assignment was to do the 30 minute Plyo Total Body workout by Beachbody’s Autumn Calabrese.  This workout kicked my butt, but I felt so accomplished to get through it at about 90 percent effort.  Here are some of the helpful things she said during the video workout:

  • Remember why you started
  • You are stronger than your excuses
  • It’s not where you begin, it’s where you finish
  • You can modify, but do it all the way to the end
  • Strong is the new sexy
  • How bad do you want it
  • What’s your intention
  • Get out of your own head
  • Hydrate during breaks
  • Breaks are designed for a quick breather-enjoy them
  • Watch your form
  • You can do this!



I really love Autumn’s energy, direction and focus.  She is fun to watch and she has a fab body!



Speaking of Autumn, she is the representative and co-creator of The 21 Day Fix.  Today, I was with friend who visited my website, and reads my blogs on Precision Nutrition and The 21 Day Fix.  She was trying to figure out which  program I am doing.  So I would like to address that for all of you interested in achieving your personal best body.



When I began my weight loss, confidence gaining program on September 15, 2014, I was following Precision Nutrition specifically, then as time past (16 months) and I plateaued Jill suggested I incorporate several aspects of The 21 Day Fix. My personal 21 Days of Clean Eating, was incorporated to get me out of plateau phase and into losing the last 12 pounds of my original goal.  So Day 37 is a long time coming, and it’s working because of my mental state.  Eating is mental.  You choose to eat a certain way, and you choose how and when to eat it.

So the past 37 days my breakfast is  Shakeology every morning, I have to explain that one later because there is so much to share.  Basically, it is the healthiest meal of the day with all the nutrients involved.  Lunch and dinner I have been eating from the Precision Nutrition program, but using the Beachbody containers to portion out my food.  Last year I was doing mostly cardio, and now I’ve added more strength via Autumn’s Plyo workout to mix things up.  As mentioned previously, I’ll soon begin my 12 week cycling program to train for the 72 mile ride I’ll do in altitude.  The last year and a half have been a combination of nutrition/exercise efforts with lots of fine-tuning and lots of success.  The key really is to NEVER GIVE-UP, just stick to the program of eating lean and moving more.  I believe that each body has the potential to keep improving, but each of us needs to be mindful that there isn’t just one secret way to do it.  Experience has taught me that most of what works for improving your inner/outer physique is centered around NUTRITION!


Post cool down and ready for my protein snack : Fage Yogurt with berries. Nice!  I feel great!


Like an athlete preparing for competition, one must continue streamlining and mastering the technique.

I encourage you to please email me with any more questions and suggestions.

In the meantime, have a really great week!


Carpe Kefi

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