Numbers Matter- And There Are No Secrets


Good day!  As I work through my 21 day CLEAN eating commitment to myself, it’s going great so far, I become more focused, and I’ve reached the realization that my husband is right after all!  Bear with me…



Today I completed the COMMIT workout assigned by Jill. Commit is a superset workout and is planned to be done within 30 minutes. It’s a great quick full body workout. Each exercise is performed once for 1 minute each. Then repeat twice. You do not repeat the warm-up or cool-down.

This workout took concentration as there were sets, rounds and times included.  I had to set my timer, count my exercises and keep track of sets while watching my form.  Doing my workout, I got sidetracked and forgot to set my Fitbit.  As I finished, I went to check my results and they weren’t there because I did not start the band.  It dawned on me that the information I was seeking, was all number based, and an instrumental method of measuring progress.


During this 21 day CLEAN, another task I am to do is to weigh myself every day.  ugghhhh: I have always hated the scale, but these past few weeks it has become my best friend. Truly, numbers do not lie.  My way of measuring progress used to be trying on my pants and if they were tight I was gaining, if clothes were loose I was losing lbs.  Well, there is partial merit to that system but not a precise method of accountability.


I have to concede to Brian that he is correct in that I should weigh in regularly to monitor true progress, and the best results.  For example, the week that I did not weigh myself I was eating olives; high in sodium, I was eating fruit all day long, I was going heavy on the protein, which were all nutritionally correct food choices but I was not meeting the precise amounts for my target weight.  CLEAN means clean and it means low sodium. That week, I  thought (on the surface, but not sublimally) I was doing everything right since I wasn’t cheating with wine, chocolate, pizza and garbage salads.  The following week I was assigned to weigh in every day and measure body fat weekly so I dumped the salty choices and ate within the proper allotted amounts and the number on the scale went down.  Instinctively I knew why the scale wasn’t budging; voila, numbers!


Who was I kidding; myself of course.  Brian- you’re the man! You were right all along and I’m done with the time-wasting excuses.  If my goal is to be met, I have to pay attention to my numbers and I have to be honest about them and how they are accrued.  That’s it. The 21 day CLEAN promise to myself is causing me to streamline in many ways, and one of them is to pay close attention to numbers in my life.

Numbers matter and there are no hidden secrets to anything.  Doing the basics, building a foundation and persevering through it all is how we succeed and achieve KEFI- Positive Energy For Life!

Carpe Kefi


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