Olive Oil- My Shopping Therapy & My Welfare

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when you can get your hands on it, do that.  Recently, I was in Naples, Florida where I made time to visit my favorite shop: The Olive Oil Company.  There are a few oils they offer which make my mouth water;  the Parmesan Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato, and the Greek Olive Oil.  Each have a very distinct and delicious taste that bodes well on bread, entrees, proteins, veggies or straight up.  I love treating myself and my family to the gift of gourmet Olive Oil.  Another product I purchase when I need some shopping therapy for my tummy and my soul, which is absolutely delectable on a Greek salad, any veggie combo and or pasta, is the 18 yr. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.  As far as I am concerned this vinegar has no competition, it is that tasty, and a little goes a long way.


The Greek word for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is : ελαιόλαδο. Olive oil is a staple in my life, an important food that heals through its monounsaturated fats, similar to the avocado. Medical researchers around the
world have found that this liquid gold contains vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that helps strengthen immune responses and reduce the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Olive oil also contains Chlorophyll which is a substance that has antioxidant properties.

While Olive Oil is good for you, it also tastes good. It’s a healthy fat used to add
flavor to humus, a variety of  salads, vegetables, meats and other proteins. Olive Oil is the centerpiece to the healthiest diet on the earth: the Mediterranean diet. Learn more about this diet of a
lifetime by visiting Stella Metsovas


According to Carl Orey, author of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, this liquid gold comes
from an olive tree, and its mentioned in both the Old Testament and Greek Mythology. It’s noted as the symbol of wisdom and peace. “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven, I can scarcely expect bread.” Thomas Jefferson

close-up olive oil


The unique shaped cutting board pictured above, holding these bottles I purchased, is the actual bark from an olive tree in Greece.  My Koumbara Eleni gifted this versatile and cute board to me, and I use it daily to chop up my lemons, veggies and mostly all foods with the exception of meats.  I simply love it!!  Great shape and size for every day use of quick chopping.  Thank you Eleni- you are simply the best!


If you are a person who enjoys healthy but succulent meals, add extra virgin olive oil to their preparation.

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