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Big foot into big mouth! Yeah I do that!


This morning Coach Jill- I gotta find her nick name because she is definitely tougher than she comes off- came over to take me through my threshold cycling test to prepare me for my 12 week “Bike The West” race this June 5, 2016 in Lake Tahoe with mountains, hills and freaking altitude.  Oh- I forgot the scenery, which is why I singed up!

All business and ready to roll, Jill said “Let’s get to work.”  I’m telling her about my new lululemon leggings and what happened over the weekend, and my food and lalala.  She looks down at my Keiser (training bike) and starts moving the gears and begins with the times and the push.  I’m starting to feel the discomfort and panic is starting to set in a little.  I’m even a little scared at this point because now I’m in zone 5 and the realization of this training is being experienced.  The conversation switches to how long is our session today and I’m not so sure I can do all this cycling on the weekends….







The wake-up call happens, which has happened to me before, and that is I get very excited about a challenge and an event, I truthfully love the idea, I sign up and then the magnitude of the situation materializes.   At this point, this is when I doubt myself, and make some excuses.  Enter Jill – she reminds me of what my intention was back in January, our conversation swerves over to how this ride will be a challenge, which calls for preparation and commitment.  She reminds of the fact that my original idea was to do the century ride- 100 miles, and, she as an experienced trainer, suggests the 72 mile ride, knowing me, my schedule and my current level of fitness.  Whew, thank God she reeled me in on this one.

The theme of “NO EXCUSES,” came in to play and I re-solidified in my mind that saying something is not enough, enthusiasm is great, but DOING IT is imperative.   During my test today, Jill reassured me that she’s got my back, and most importantly if I do the work she has prepared and set up for me, I will ride strong in June.


I successfully completed my threshold test, and it actually went well.  Jill will get back to me with my results regarding heart rate zone so we can kick it with the training.  Her 12 week cycling training plan for me is complete and we implement the rides beginning mid March.  Knowing me, the work is not going to be the challenge, the time to do the work on the weekends and eating a consistent, super clean nutritionally dense diet will be the real test.  The discipline to complete each workout without any excuses of the random life situations, which will inevitably creep in, will be the work.  My mental is the work, I must create a “NO EXCUSE ZONE,” for myself, and this is what I’m focusing on right now.  The good news is that I already feel, after one focused workout, that crossing the finish line in June will be a giant win for me personally.  The last race I did, the Tinley Park duathlon, was fun, I had prepared and worked hard on the bike, but I did not comply with the nutrition aspect.  On that race day I was so excited to be doing my first du, that I would ride hard and then slow down to take pictures.  Who does that?? Take snaps of the view in a race? Yea, I told you I’m a little breezy, but in regards to BIKE THE WEST,  I’m all heart and I’M ALL IN!  No pics during my Tahoe ride, but I will enjoy the scenery.

Please wish me luck, encouragement and good “KEFI” vibes!

In the meantime, keep moving, keep smiling, and NEVER GIVE UP!


never give up


Carpe Kefi

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