Today Marks 23 Days of Clean Eating- Here’s How it Went & What’s Next?

Feeling very confident this morning, and believe me the momentum is high!


Last month I committed to a 21 day plan of clean eating, which included an excellent and satiating meal strategy, daily workouts and  an onslaught of “KEFI” building thoughts and activities.  I believe that there is a synergy of reasons that I made it all the way to 23 days without cheating, and its mostly that on DAY ONE I made up my mind to go all the way!  Instead of thinking, how will I stay clean with all the outings, parties and weekends in front of me, I asked myself, “What will I have to do to keep this promise?” That’s largely the secret, shift your thinking, add some fun activities and set a viable nutrition plan.  Mission accomplished, and I’m really focused to keep going until I hit my desired number.  If any of you are struggling or need tips on filling foods or the plan, please email [email protected]



For new readers, I began my weight loss journey with Energie Demi- Bar Pilates on September 15, 2014.  The first four months I was losing pounds quickly, but then I got a little comfortable and lost steam and started fudging here and there.  However, I never allowed myself to go over 2 pounds with out panicking and getting back on track.  For seven months I was plateaued at the same weight, going up and down 2 or 3 pounds…mind games.




At the beginning of this year, I made another decision; stop the BS and get back on track and finish this goal.  So, here we are at day 23 of phase two ( I never quit, just got a bit sidetracked) of a precise and focused, clean eating plan and I’m 5 pounds lighter and 7 pounds away from the finish line.  That’s 3 weeks of determination, discipline and five less pounds, can I get an AMEN!?


Don’t Give Up!

keep going

Now it’s time to stop tooting my horn and plan ahead for the next hurdle, which is a day of travel.  Today, I’m on the road all day and I don’t want to risk being at the mercy of someone’s else’s hidden ingredients so I’m packing my lunch, snacks and dinner.  All ready to go.  On my excursion, I am allowing myself two cheat meals followed by the same clean regime I’ve been following the past 23 days.   I have also packed my vitamins, Shakeology packs, my favorite Acai berry drink – I will take this journey one meal and one day at a time all the way to FINISH!

Today, I wish you good health, great thoughts and an excellent plan!


Carpe Kefi


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