Water- Why It’s So Good For You

Do you believe that taking a bath, walking the beach or jumping in the ocean could be good for your wellness? According to current research in cognitive neuroscience, when you spend time around water good things happen to your mind and body. An excellent article in EXPERIENCE LIFE Magazine reports that studies show water amplifies nature’s soothing and healing qualities. The state of water is associated with peace.

A watery environment provides rest for the brain. A hot bath with epsom salts and Lavander Essential Oil (sold here) ease strained muscles. Immersion in water reduces stress, partly by balancing the flux between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Neurologist John Hart, MD, says that the positive effects of being near the water are even strong enough to help break the cycle of traumatic recall.

The human body is 60-78 percent water, and the brain is about 80 percent water. Consuming enough water is a requirement of healthy brain function, avoid hydration, keep skin clear and weight down.
Do not skimp on the water.

Incorporate as much water into your life as possible so that you can get and stay healthy!

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