Why I’m Rooting For The Broncos Today

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and the game will be on in our house today. My husband played football, my son has put  his cleats on the turf, and as a matter of osmosis my daughters and I moderately follow the sport too.

One of my favorite players, not in Superbowl 50, but he will be back, is Russell Wilson.  We followed him from his Wisconsin days all the way up to him leading the Seattle Seahawks to its first ever Superbowl victory in 2013. The year before that he tied Peyton Manning’s record for the most passing touchdowns by a rookie.  In addition to a field of talent, this player has character!  Love him!

However, this day our eye is on Russell’s NFL colleague and the team he plays for: the Denver Broncos.    Pretty much what I know is that Peyton Manning, with his golden arm and his seasoned track record will play a tight game with his teammates, one of them Demaryius Thomas; Thomas is the reason  I want the Broncos to win this Superbowl.

Demaryius Thomas, with his abundant athletic gifts and his numerous football related injuries are not un-common traits for NFL players, and either is his faith and love of his mother.

Yesterday, I read the sad account of Demaryius’ mother’s poor choices that she made during his youth, but believe me she has paid the price.  The article written by Eli Saslow, a journalist for The Washington Post and ESPN Magazine, moved me to tears.  Maslow, the winner of Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting, weaved a story that  introduced me to a player and his mom who each persevered separately but won mutually by virtue of love for each other.

If you have a few minutes, read Eli’s ESPN article, make your own determination and I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts in the comment section here.

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY- let the game begin…


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