Cooking Is My Thing!

When you have an open mind that constantly searches for new and refreshing ways to sustain a healthy and energetic lifestyle, you discover that the basics are key. And furthermore, when it comes to nutrition, the recommended main energy source for driving humans everyday, I believe it’s important/helpful to add color, flavor and texture to keep those basics of food interesting and appealing.


I wont’t lie to you, I have plenty of cookbooks; ones that look good on my book shelf and ones that I do not reference often due to time constraints and habit. However, since beginning and taking ownership of  a “clean & healthy lifestyle” the past two years, my experience proves that preparing and cooking your own meals is almost mandatory to living well, unless you pay for a company, like Kitchfix, to prepare all the food for you.  I was introduced to Kitchfix when I began Precision Nutrition at Energie in 2014.  I am fond of the concept of prepared meals, but as I was mastering the “eating optimally blueprint,”  I wanted to be accountable for my own meals so I could take nutrition with me everywhere I go.  In any event, it’s good to have great/healthy food options, so that is why I bring up this company, so you busy types remember that you have choices when it comes to eating for life.

Back to topic; yesterday I discovered a simple, beautifully laid out cookbook that offers a varied plethora of fruit and vegetable options for mostly breakfast, but we all know that breakfast foods make great snacks and meals any time of the day.  As I glanced through this book of wonder, it became evident that even a middle school student could make the recipes, so I bought Breakfast Love!  I absolutely LOVE the easy and varietal recipes featured by the author David Bez.  Breakfast Love reminds me of a Pintrest Wall with each page being a pin of a vivid, bright and yummy recipe!  Bravo David!  He didn’t do anything complicated, he merely tapped the vast resource of foods that exist and began the creative process of experimenting and combining. Voila- Breakfast Love



I’m coo koo for coconut- and there are so many health benefits– I’ll check out this recipe for my particular taste buds and for improving my health.





CHERRIES!!!!!  I can O-D on these little red bundles of joy. Let’s give this one a shot…

cherry recipe

Cooking is an activity I enjoy and one I embrace, and while Breakfast Love mostly contains recipes which consist of gathering ingredients and tossing them together, this reference is a welcome addition to my cook book collection, which I plan to incorporate into my meal planning more and more.

Just remember, cooking can be fun, it can be therapeutic and the result of the process should be fruitful, delicious and nutritious!

Bon Apetite!


Carpe Kefi!




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