Day 3/ Week 2 – Bike The West Training

Day 3 of week 2 for Bike The West training in the bag and DONE!


There are so many things to think about when your train for an event.  Nutrition, rest, time, focus with assigned workout distractions and motivation.

Today, I had a number of distractions that could have waited till after my ride, but I prioritized non efficiently.  For future rides, I will make every attempt to get my ride in first thing before the onslaught of non emergency stuff filters through my day.

Next, I did not have my proper hydration and energize drink today for my ride and I noticed that I was getting irritable towards the end of my ride, also I was thinking about food!!!  Yes, I was thinking about a big juicy cheeseburger with pickles, onions, lettuce, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper on a Kaiser bun. YUM. I was also thinking about cutting my ride short.  HOWEVER, I re-directed and got my focus back and confirmed in my mind that the training I do today and every day will have a direct impact on race day.  I really do want to be ready and enjoy Tahoe via my bike! So, I finished and I did not have a cheeseburger.  Instead, post ride I ate a leftover chicken patty for my protein.


day 3 program


Going to hydrate now as I am super thirsty, and when you are thirsty its a sign that you are dehydrated.  Gulp gulp….gotta get some H20.

Talk soon


Carpe KefI

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