Everything I’ve Got- Talk #3



Hard to believe, but tomorrow I begin my actual bike training in preparation of the 72 mile trek I will participate in during Bike The West this June in Lake Tahoe.  I just thought I had more time, but it officially starts in less than 24 hours.

Currently, I’m in phase 2 of Strength/Endurance of the NASM OPT model.  These workouts are increasing my leg strength and the past 3 months I have been improving on overall body composition.  Yahoo!  This morning I used everything photographed on the front page of my website, in order to fortify all muscle parts.  Slow, but sure/steady progress.  It’s ok, I’m working in the right direction, with no distractions. Well, actually there have been some distractions and that’s what I have to personally address with myself.

TALK # 3

Jill reminded me that these next 12 weeks I need to give it everything I’ve got, and that includes making some sacrifices.  Everything I’ve got encompasses sacrifices with food and keeping the nutrition in support of my training, it means avoiding people that drain my Kefi, avoiding debbie downers who doubt and who deny all the possibilities- instead of embracing  the opportunities and the challenge for me to become whole and exceptional, (Like Coach Sabin said- get the right people on the bus, and get the wrong ones OFF!) and it means that all thoughts and surroundings have to be as positive as humanly possible.  My commitment to train and keep my word about completing my 12 week training for an end result of being stronger and faster than 50 percent of the riders has to be solid in my mind with focus and a powerful, positive mental attitude.  Those who feel threatened by this, and those who cannot accept my mission, will have to be on hold till after my ride this summer.  My heart and mind are somewhere else…


*Here’s my work for the weekend:

*Order my Beachboy Performance Recovery packs

*Get plenty of rest and stay focused

*Ride my Keiser in zone 3 for one hour tomorrow




*Ride my Keiser at various zones for one hour 15 on Sunday.

*Get my tunes together

*Map it all out today….

In the meantime, I did not have my Recover drink for today so I ate a nutritious and delicious substitute: FAGE yogurt with berries and a lot of cinnamon…I love the taste of cinnamon!


post workout

Post workout recovery


That’s all for now – except these nine simple techniques for you and me!



Carpe Kefi!



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