Finding Your Groove Isn’t Clear Cut

This morning was telling.


Today as I was taking my boo Athena to see all her boyfriends and girlfriends for a playdate at the Chicago Canine Club, I bumped into my friend Lisa who was dropping off her dog.   Our brief but friendly exchange about how we are doing physically reminded me that we are truly each a work in progress.  We can set goals and have intentions, but the journey should not be marred by defeatist attitudes.  When we reach benchmarks and we pause for a while, we shouldn’t give up, stop or go backwards.   We momentarily may be in neutral for whatever reason, but this is not the time to feel badly, instead this is the time to be reflective and check ourselves.  Seeing Lisa, I was reminded that the past two years, a moment in time in the big scheme of things, my progress albeit slow, is driving in the upward direction.  It’s really ok for things to move slowly, because in reality maybe the time it takes to learn something valuable is something that will sustain us in the long run. 


Dropping off Athena today, I also realized that my beloved girl has taught me a great deal and she is important to me.   I wouldn’t have had these lessons if I didn’t keep an open mind to her arrival, even though I never ever wanted to get a dog to care for in the first place.  Almost five years later- I can’t live with out her.  Athena brightens my mood, I love coming home to see her waging her tail at me, she’s the best walking partner ever, she’s pleasant, she’s intuitive, she’s extremely patient, she is very playful, she loves unconditionally and she has a ton of Kefi with her friends.  I want to be like her.


Friends, they are relevant as well because they are people we feel connected to in our heart.  Connections are important for us as humans, and they help us grow through life.  Some friends leave such a mark on you that they stay in your heart no matter how much time passes, and they show up no matter what you are going through- true friends stay by your side.


Whatever friends you have, human or canine… it came to me that it’s most helpful and most essential to :



Carpe Kefi!


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