One Pound At A Time – One Day At A Time

Body Mar 04, 2016 Kiki Vale

If there is anything I’ve learned during this “weight loss/opportunity gain” process, it’s that life is better if you take it in day tight compartments.  Trying to do too much at once, or expecting amazing results too fast is setting oneself up for failure.


This morning before my power strength workout I got measured, and to my happiness the numbers were all down.  Following nutrition/workout plan for seven weeks netted me: six pounds lighter, 2.5 inches down and 2.4 percent body fat lower.  I busted through my 7 month plateau.  I can’t say following my program has been easy every day, but it’s been manageable.  I have to forge forward now to get to goal line, 6 more pounds.  I must finish.


  • I will embrace my mental strength to date
  • I will continue to build on my progress
  • I DID IT. which means I can do it again
  • I’ll take these next 2 weeks one day at a time, one pound at a time!
  • No quitting
  • Stick to the plan
  • Plan meals
  • Stay focused

Wishing you a “day tight compartment,” mindset so you can achieve all your goals!


Carpe Kefi!