Planning/Preparing To Succeed Is More Than Half The Battle

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the past two years. The last 24 months have been an ongoing lesson in learning & living my mindful & natural lifestyle. The time elapsed has been pivotal through continuous reading, research and trial and error, inadvertently sharpening my mental game & giving subsistence to doing all things in the name of wellness.  


Avid readers to this Kefi blog know that on September 15, 2014 I embarked on a weight loss program called Precision Nutrition with the purpose to shed 20 pounds, and the hope that less weight on my frame would give my lower back relief; I did and it did. As a result of progress and how I’m feeling in my body,  I have now modified my original goal set eighteen months ago. I’m down 22, but a combination of time and physical improvement has me revisiting my number. My heart tells me I need another 6 more pounds of unnecessary blubber off- so with travel on the books today, my change of location will not alter my program to dump those last 6 pounds. Hence the “bag of wellness.” Yup, I decided that the only way to stay on track during this time away from home is to bring my routine with me. I prepared a single suitcase of all my nutrition/fitness essentials including Shakeology packs, shaker bottles, vitamins, containers, Fix workout DVDs, workout clothes, tennis shoes, beach hats, swimming suits, essential oils and of course my Tahoe training binder. I have prepared my tools, and plan to continue my program to the best of my ability while away. Even if I hit the mark at 80 percent, that’s better than spiraling backwards. Honestly, my intent is to maintain my weight and possibly lose a pound. 


Vacation is challenging because everyone wants to let “loose,” but I will practice the 90/10 rule of  90 clean- 10 cheat. 

Simply put, holidays, vacations, birthdays, funerals, celebrations, graduations, parties, Friday’s, bum days, good days, all days should follow the same Lifestyle. The aforementioned should not signal a time to deviate from healthy living.  However, being prepared for the new event/environment will leave room for living well and staying on course in any event.  This is called life; and my crystal ball proves that life is ever changing and celebrations occur more often than not, hence the need to embrace the behavior of planning ahead in all circumstances and act accordingly.  SUCCESS!


Yes, the past two years have shown me that the possibilities of living the Kefi/Healthy lifestyle are within reach, and it’s very worth it to live a sound mind in a healthy body- BUT one must plan accordingly!

Wishing you the life and good health you deserve, I remain kefinated for this trip!!!


Carpe Kefi!
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