Talk #4 – Building For Tahoe


If you are lucky enough to train with someone who is experienced and educated in both nutrition and fitness, and you like working with that person, then you are fortunate. Jill is that person/coach for me.  She takes the time to explain the importance of everything I am doing in order to get my end result.  Every week we add a new layer of responsibly to the mix of training for my upcoming 72 mile ride in altitude.

Today, during my cycling workout, we had the talk about visualization and the simulation of race day.  We are building on a program that takes us to the final ride.  The final ride in Lake Tahoe this June, should feel like one of my training days.  Moving forward I must visualize the ride by mimicking race day.


  • During my cycling workouts I should wear my bike shorts, shirt & clothing gear that I will wear on race day
  • Every ride must incorporate my nutrition and hydration.  In this case Beach-body Energize for pre-workout, Hydrate during workout, Recover for post workout and Recharge for occasional nighttime opportunity to feel better if I’m super fatigued on that day.  My package of Beach body arrived today so I was all good with the nutrition.  WHEW! Thank you UPS.
  • Know my music
  • See the type of scenery I’ll be riding in Tahoe by watching road rides on this ap called bitgym.  Cool ap which  shows over 100 HD tours from around the world.  It’s so cool!  Watching the tour is like riding in the place you are looking at.  By the way, there are so many helpful aps to assist you on the way to finish line.
  • Finally, visualizing my performance is key, and some of the greatest athletes do this.

Here is some expert advice on visualization taken from EXPERT SPORTS PERFORMANCE.COM:


If everything you needed for success was already available to you, how would that change things for you? Your future success is determined by your present actions. Reaching your performance goal requires partnering with the right resources. It is not a passive activity. When athletes use visualization they have an advantage over the competition.

Instead of looking for the solutions outside of you, tap into your mind’s eye and envision your future. This is where it is okay to daydream.

Peak performance is a decision. Envision winning. Believe it is possible. Be ready to do anything to make it happen. Conviction in your abilities is powerful. Bottom line, believing something is possible increases your odds of success.


Your mind is unable to discriminate between imagination and reality. This is why your dreams appear so real. Harness the power of your imagination and visualize your success.

Sports psychologists talk about visualization a lot. It is THE most popular mindset tool used by athletes. It needs to be used correctly for it to be most effective. Unfortunately, athletes are not always given all the instructions to use visualization successfully.

When athletes use visualization correctly it has the ability to change your outcome. 

In your mind’s eye see yourself successfully reaching your goal. Winning a race, reaching a new ranking, going pro or whatever it is you desire. See this event occurring as if it is in the present and is happening right now. The more detail you bring into this mental image, the better. Once again remember you want to really focus on your goal as if it is happening to you right now.

I believe what Walt Disney said…”If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!” 

I’ve always been a dreamer, and this time i want to put my actions to work for the best possible outcome.

Take a few minutes with me to watch the You Tube video on visualization – it could be a game changer!



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