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Less than 48 hours until Spring Break 16 came to a close- it’s been anything but calm, peaceful and relaxing, I decided to embrace a piece of that much needed revitalization, if even for a mere couple of hours.  Being a person of strong mind and healthy body, I felt that it was imperative before I head back to a different kind of craziness, that I carve out time to indulge in temporary relaxtion; am I ever thankful I listened to myself.  


I found myself at one of the most organic and natural spas in South-West Florida, the Naples Grande Spa.  In a nutshell, everything was perfect.  However, for those of you who find it important to take care of your mind and body, I would love to share the aspects of this particular Spa that will bring me, and maybe you, for return visits to the beautifully located gorgeous west coast Floridian city.  


An atypical destination spa, this one connects with the outdoors as it is set outside in natural light with trees, stones, healing pathways all in a comforting and intimate little village.  Don’t just take my word for the feeling I got, think about what reports, which is that being in nature does 5 positive and scientific things for a person: 

* Nature-  improves your outlook

*  Nature- improves your focus

* Nature- strengthens your immune system

*  Nature- is known to ease depression

*  Nature- a great reminder that you have many happy memories


  The little village of rooms includes:

1- CHECK-IN BOUTIQUE RETAIL SPACE where I discovered and purchased:


2- RECENTLY RENOVATED SALON FEATRUING services for hair, nails and feet

3- FULLY OPERATING COUPLES VILLA for couples or girlfriends to enjoy a private space including various treatments and/or lunch





By now, you have to be wondering which service I indulged in for my healing escape.  While there were numerous treatments that I really wanted to partake in, I only had time for an 80 minute massage; I chose one I’ve never tried before, THE ARTISAN.  My massage was the ultimate experience in that my masseuse was very talented with understanding human anatomy, tuning in exactly where my muscles carried the stress.  My custom designed massage included multiple disciplines with stretching, hot stones- which clear the connective tissues, essential oils for healing, heat, a sport rub down all ending with hot towels wrapping and cleansing my feet.  To say that I felt completely energized and renewed after this Artisan Massage is an understatement; I also felt refreshed and happy.  
I had to meet the person who was in charge of this #SPA.


My wellness experience was so engaging and beneficial that I asked the attendant to introduce me to the Spa Director, Oana, pronounced WANNA. I really loved the opportunity to meet this wonderful young woman from Europe, who by the way is chock full of Spa World experience (she previously worked at the Ritz and Mariott) and radiates the lifestyle she oversees.   Oana said that she operates the spa with a healthy mindset, one that encourages and offeres wellbeing via the staff, treatments, central seating in the garden, retail and nature ambiance.  Each element of Naples Grande Spa affords one to leave “The Daily’s” as she calls it, and distress from the thing we call life!


Oana’s philosophy: each person that arrives at her Spa should put the phone away in the locker, enjoy the time to recharge, feel confident that each technician is of the highest caliber in skills and talent, providing guests the special opportunity to feed their spirit by enlivening all the senses. 


Invest in your wellness on a regular basis, especially with massage.  

According to

Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.  Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.



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