Gotta Ride & Cry & Ride & Smile & Ride & Thank God


America’s Most Beautidul Ride in Lake Tahoe will be here before I know it.  That’s how life goes- swiftly.  Anyhow- today’s ride 4 of week six put me at the half way point of training.  My training plan is 12 weeks long taking me to  June 5 race day. I’ll be ready.

Today’s ride included intervals with hills; heart rate 171 – gear 15 X 2 inside a two hour ride netting me 700 cal burn, 50 miles and a very sore butt. My emotional overload made me tear up at the push and I started to visualize Tahoe, like Jill told me.  The beauty of the mountains and lakes kept me in focus, so did breathing.



ride hills

Yesterday, my friend Patrick who runs 5ks at 6 minute mile pace- too fast for me, but certainly impressive – said emphatically “breathing makes the difference in the push.  Hard breathing enforces panic and fear, inhaling deeply in and out of the nose calms the athlete.”  Advice taken- advice correct. Taking time to properly breathe in the midst of a challenging workout got me to complete! Thanks friend!


My workout accomplishment made me smile, and it reminded me/reinforced that following a proper training plan, which builds on the strength/cardio fundamentals paired with nutrition/hydration/rest/vitamins will permit me to SUCCEED & REACH MY DESIRED RESULT.


As I rode for the that long – 120 minutes – It also dawned on me that riding is similar to the journey we call life. There will be obstacles they will make us cry- there will be events that make us smile, and no matter what we should always know that God will be there for the ride of our lifetime. Thank you God!


As I look ahead – outdoor rides and breathing with the mask are on the training horizon, but for now I’m gonna rest and recover- just in time for the weekend. Wishing YOU all that you dream you can be, with a helping of perseverance and a whole lotta belief!!!

I leave you with a new website I discovered on Keeping You Inspired


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