How Important Is Your Frame Of Mind?

Bad news first..I messed up my Tahoe training while I was on Spring Break, but I did not realize this until today’s ride.  Good news later…


One thing I am learning about the disciplines that elite athletes follow is that PREPARATION RULES!   Regarding preparation, it belongs to everyone, and furthermore my friends/ family know that I am anything but an elite athlete, (I’m a regular athlete who loves a challenge and improvement) but I do possess elite enthusiasm, which runs through my veins and with no filter!  This is my history, and I own it.  However, in the case of training for a 72 mile bide ride in altitude, it’s time for me to “focus my energy and check my frame of mind in the process.”


Readers know that in January of this year I signed up for the Bike The West 72 mile ride in Lake Tahoe. Yes- I signed up under the influence of excitement and raging enthusiasm.  That’s me…really enthusiastic about everything.  The missing link has been, to a certain extent, my “Frame of Mind,” which has to improve if I am to successfully complete my 12 week plan.  Backing up to the beginning of Spring Break 16, I did plan ahead by taking my nutrition, vitamins, Training book, workout clothes, DVD’s and positive attitude.  What I forgot to put into place was the “frame” which could support the rest of the planning. When I got to Florida, I was so busy saying yes to everyone that I lost some focus and did the wrong week of workouts.  I was supposed to be in weeks 3 and 4 – not 2 and 3.  I missed two very important sessions- my “Hills” and my 3- hour workout.  You may say that missing 2 sessions is no big deal, but it is, because every week is a progression leading to a ride that will take Jill and me up 2,000 feet as we cruise Tahoe on our skinny 2 wheels.  Every time I miss the mark- I’m a step behind for race day.  Things gotta change and so does my mental.


  • Say NO to Obstacles in my control – they include:
  • People
  • Events
  • My own mind set
  • Travel

YES to Commitment & Inner strength- which is deep inside every one of us!


My mind is set on moving forward with more precise planning and commitment.   I was able to rearrange my schedule this week to accommodate “my miss” and catch up at least 90 percent.  I’ll do 3 rides this week, one of which was today- it went well.  Tomorrow;  my 3 hour power ride (I’m nervous) and then Friday I do a session as well.  The key is to get 3- 4 rides, with 2 back to back, every week so that my legs and body get used to the effort and riding after being fatigued.   That’s my plan and I standing by it.


Gotta go now and figure out my music and BitGym ap so that I can have a companion during my long ride tomorrow.  WISH ME LUCK.


Carpe Kefi!






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