Tahoe Training Week 3

Back to reality and reflecting on time away.  Certainly it was refreshing to be able to enjoy beach life for a moment in time, but now it is really great to get back to my routine of sleep, eating and exercise.  


Speaking of excercise, cycling is my prevalent discipline for the following three months, as I prepare for my 72 mile- in altitude bike ride this June.  My total plan; prepare by building on intervals and power rides inside three cycling workouts a week, plus strength thrown in the mix.  Week 1 and 2 went very well.  This past week, the third one in my plan, included several challenges with bike availability at the club, my music didn’t load for long rides and I got an infection and missed one workout.  😂 


No worries, Jill has arranged a workaround for me to catch up this week, at which time I will substitute a strength session for a cycling workout. In life, change and unexpected situations will arise and we have to adapt and adjust.  Thankfully, I’m feeling better, I’m back home and the bike I workout on is all mine with no distractions or interferences.  I should be all good to succeed in week 4!


Additionally, I learned this past week that when you say YES to a big and exciting commitment, it pays to plan, review and look at your upcoming calendar before doing so.  Rest assured, I was and I remain very excited about my first destination cycling event, but April and May are sooooooooo busy and hectic!  There are three major events during this time frame that will cause me to make some big adjustments, I’ll just have to deal and ride.  Next time, a little more thought will go into the yes so that I know all the circumstances, but now that I say this, circumstances are certain to change.  Three in lies the lesson; a commitment means you follow through no matter what.  LET’S RIDE!

Until next time…


Carpe Kefi

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