When What’s Ahead- Seems Insurmountable

Body Commitment Apr 16, 2016 Kiki Vale

Each of us faces challenges that keep us on our toes, grounded and even scared at times. Events, decisions, people, circumstances, commitments, jobs, illness, unexpected occurrences, and on and on in the scenario of uncertainty, will bring on fright and the unknown- BUT THIS CANT STOP US.


I remember when I accepted my relatives challenge to do the Chicago Tri in 2006.  The idea of it sounded like so much fun, and how hard could it be?  Swim, bike and run, I could do it.  Miss thang did train for the Chicago Tri, but not to the best of my ability.  I practiced cycling and running more than the event that I was not strong in, which is swimming.  In retrospect, I was about 70  percent prepared for the day of competitive fitness, but when the weekend arrived I was a nervous wreck.  The night before the Tri, it dawned on me that I had not tried swimming in the lake; open water swim is drastically different than a pool, and the Chicago Tri started in Lake Michigan.  Gulp, panic & I was freaking out due to realization that a novice swimmer like me would have to jump in the open water and pedal for dear life in the freezing water with a bunch of experienced swimmers, kicking me in the face and flying at record speed to get the slow poke out of the way.  This wake up call reversed my intense enthusiasm into complete terror.    I told my niece, who was doing the Tri with me, “There is no freaking way I’m jumping in that freezing lake and swimming, I’ll drown.”  I started sweating and feeling super nauseous, and I think I turned pink.  Classic case of the enemy (panic) getting the best of me.


Colleen calmly looked me in the face, grabbed my hand and softly spoke these words she had memorized years ago….


This poem, spoken to me verbatim by Colleen and said by heart and with heart, reversed my decision.  Colleen’s words spoke to me, and I ended up completing the Chicago Tri in a descent time the next morning.  My swimming was comedy of errors, but the real point is that I did not give into my feeling of the unknown.

It truly is wise to at least attempt a challenging  situation before giving in or giving up.  9 times out of 10, things work out!

Whatever comes your way, remember panic is the enemy and courage is the answer!!!

Have a super weekend…


Carpe Kefi!