It’s Bad To Worry

Today I took my thoughts on the road!



As usual, got a list a mile long of things to do, and most of it is tedious.  I’ve been worrying about all of it, and how and when it will get done.  So, on this particular morning, instead of fretting about it all, I decided to drop the mind games and chip away.  I combined three of my tasks into one, all while being outdoors.  I grabbed my bestie Athena and headed to town where I needed to accomplish these things, and on the way I bumped into many friends who thought it was funny that I was doing errands via a cart.   Sara, Officer Coughlin and John each commented on my form of transportation, and at the same time we chuckled and laughed about our day.  As I marked off the list the things I was worrying about, I realized that it’s better to get moving, and even better than that, it’s wise to stop thinking about the stuff  we have no control over.  We need to redirect our minds to be proactive and much less doubtful.


Mark Twain eloquently once said, ”

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”   AND-


This leads me back to acting instead of worrying…


Walking and talking- great therapy for the body and soul.  Take yourself outside and begin moving those feet and feasting your eyes on all the beauty of our world; reconsider your problems as problems and treat them as challenges, get a little exercise in and soak up the vitamin D, which nourishes you internally and externally.  You know, people often complain that they have no time to exercise.  How about getting up a little earlier to walk to your destination?  Walk for 30 minutes in the morning before work or for 20 minutes before bed at night?  For this very reason I love my dog so much….she gets me outside moving every single day.  “Who saved who?”

Many clinical psychologists are beginning to incorporate exercise into their counseling  “There is something about the environment that helps our nervous systems unwind,” says Dr. Asmus If you are worried: talk to a friend, redirect your thoughts, act and believe, take action, stop moping, mediate/pray, change direction, cook, garden, walk, read or any other thing that will deviate that debilitating worrying!

See you on the road!


Carpe Kefi!


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