Tahoe Training Week 11- Hills Wind Traffic

Hey There!  Lots of talk lately about mental strength, and today I used it during my training for Bike The West also known to many as America’s Most Beautiful Ride.


Today began week 11 of my 12 week cycling program for Bike The West, and I have so many mixed emotions about my upcoming destination cycling event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m nervous and I’m anxious; all this in anticipation of the 72 mile ride I committed to back in January of this year.  Last night I was over thinking the efforts I would have to do, and I spent too much time thinking about the amount of time the ride would take and how hard the hills would be.  I found out during my ride this morning that those thoughts were a waste of time.  At 8:40 I went out to complete my cycling assignment, and I put all thoughts to the side. I focused on what I needed to accomplish, and that was do the hills.  Game ON.

It was windy, and that was a factor when I was pushing up, however the good news is that I had worn a thin insulate long sleeve t-shirt under my wind vest and this kept me warm in the midst of my efforts.  Honestly, the wind was annoying, but a climate factor I am happy I encountered because I don’t know how the weather will be in Lake Tahoe next month.  Initially, I was weak during the first hills I rode, because I did  them too soon.  As I got into my ride, after about the first hour, the hills were more manageable as I warmed up and worked the gears.  You ever hear the expression “The legs feed the wolf?” It’s true, gotta build them, and work it so you can taste some success.




During my 2.5 hour ride my water bottles kept falling out of the holder, and I probably stopped 6 times to reverse back and grab them.  My nutrition and drinks are two factors to better implement for race day.  I do not want delays due to lack of preparation.  Traffic was another obstacle, in that I had to slow down and move over several times so I didn’t get hit.  Riding your road bike on the street can be dangerous if you don’t concentrate and pay attention; these factors take up energy as well.  All in all I did what I set out to do for the day and I got through the session with a smile on my face!  Let’s do this…..


Tahoe summer

To this date, I have logged close to 700 miles and completed 95 percent of my workouts, which is the best I could do under many life circumstances.  I have not experienced the altitude factor that is sure to be a factor in Tahoe, but I’m counting on the spectacular view to help me redirect any breathing difficulties I may encounter. It’s all good, and my mind is ready for a little more training tomorrow and a heck of a ride next month.



In the meantime, keep it on the upbeat side of things and I’ll catch you later!


Carpe Kefi!

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