Tahoe Training Week 9- First Day Outside


Whew, all that drama for nothing! When will I learn to block the nay sayers and believe in my work?!


Chicagoland finally got a beautiful day and I took advantage of being outdoors for my first ride on the road bike instead of my stationary Keiser in the basement.  Prior to that though, last night, I was thinking about today’s training ride in preparation of Lake Tahoe in June, and I started worrying  about the gears, the hills, the time I was to be on my bike and riding alongside traffic.  The negative tape kept running in my head about how the 72 mile bike ride in Tahoe would be too hard because some have been chirping about the altitude and the climbs being very difficult.  What is difficult anyway?  As I went out to do my work on my Belissimo, my dandy road bike, I fast forward the tape into positive and I realized that what ever awaits me in Lake Tahoe will be ok because I will give it my best.  What could happen, I could try the hills, the climbs, and I would have to slow down, breathe and move forward.  So when anyone gets scared or begins awfulizing a situation, I want to say JUST TRY IT! Don’t give up, just try it!  What is the worst that can happen in this scenario? Undo the learned behavior of fear and move into brave mode!



mike & Gretchen

The even better news than the fact than we should always try a situation before giving in, is that today at the end of my long outdoor ride, I met two inspiring cyclists, Mike & Gretchen,who have ridden “Bike The West,” in Lake Tahoe, and they confirmed that there is nothing to worry about.  With all the training I’ve done to date, it’s enough.  It’s always helpful to train and work hard, but your best is your best.  The cycling community is tight, and they are willing to offer great suggestions, all you have to do is ask for assistance and it will be given.


If you haven’t done it, don’t fear it because you haven’t done it to truly know what the real deal is.  Better to prepare and move forward with courage and dedication.  Life is an adventure, and I’m ready to experience one on a bike cruising Lake Tahoe.

Have a good night all, and hope you raised that heart rate a notch today.


Carpe kefi!

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