Train Your Brain So You Unleash Your Potential

The mind is a powerful thing to waste- DON’T!  AND- If you want results in life, train your mind to make better choices.


Whether you want to lose weight, be positive, get focused, make money, get along with family, get good grades along with all other worthy goals, you must first decide you want the result.  All things start with a thought, and those thoughts lead to action or inaction.  Instead of wishing on something, train your brain to make educated, better choices.  Training the mind begins with keeping it sharp.  For example, in order for a knife to have maximum capabilities, it must be used.  Anything not being used will turn passive and affect performance.


*Reading when you read you see a lot of things in different in perspectives.  You learn new words that will add up to your vocabulary.  You will be aware of alot of ideas through reading and be stimulated to act on them.

*Brain teasers: Answering those crossword puzzles is actually one way of harnessing your mind. You let it process the words needed to be filled in the boxes. All different types of puzzles can make you think more such as jigsaw puzzle and the different types of mazes. Trivia questions are fun to answer, and at the same time you are harnessing your mental wellness.

*Cooking is an excellent method of using your brain because you can try a new recipe by modifying ingredients that you will mix in preparing the dish.  Additionally, when you cook you have a stronger chance of eating clean and healthy, which serves you mind and body well.

*Drawing or painting is another form of applying your mind power. And there are a lot of other activities or processes that will make full use of the phenomenal power of the human mind.



Stop when you have had enough of something- just stop.

Be accountable, which makes you think about the next choice.

Know the “Why” of what you are doing.

Consider the outcome of what you are about to do, is it worth it?

Don’t give up, but if you must, redirect.

Keep learning.

Examine your behavior and its results.



Taken from an e-mail and a study from Cambridge University (and maybe the book “The Phenomenal Power Of The Human Mind” too):

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Protect your valuable commodity – and more importantly train it! 

Have a nice evening…


Carpe Kefi!



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