“Qi” You Have To Get It!

Don’t you love when you do something unexpected and it’s an awesome experience you must repeat!

It happened to me this afternoon when I had an hour to kill as I was waiting for emergency iPhone resuscitation at the Mobile CPR store, which is located adjacent to HEALTHY FOOT SPA.  I walked by the Oriental looking shop about 5 times before I decided to walk inside and further investigate.

The poster on the door was interesting….


At first glance, it was all Greek to me, actually Chinese, and then upon closer observation I noticed English words all across the feet images.  The diagram instantly reminded me that this is a diagram to illustrate FOOT REFLEXOLOGY, and I was absolutely in the mood for a good foot massage.  However, massage does this practice little justice as reflexology is artistic body work used in traditional Chinese medicine with various hand techniques on specific acupuncture points.  The points of the foot transfer messages to other parts (organs) of the body, and if done by an expert therapist, your body is loving you for the release of tightness and stress, and can be healing.


The practice of foot reflexology allow for “QI” or flow of energy in your body.  Qi, Gong Tui-Na is life force or vital energy, (Kefi in my world) which flows through all living things, including our own bodies. In a healthy person, Qi flows smoothly around the body.  Qi aims to rebalance both the flow of Qi and the muscles and joints through stimulating massage techniques.  Sounded good to me.


I did it! I paid for a session of foot reflexology; and I was immediately escorted back to a dark room with reclining chairs all lined up in a row.  I waited for the Qi therapist to come out and instruct me as to what to do.  Out of the blue came a man; he looked like Jacki Chan, fit, strong, determined, focused and no nonsense.  Jerri,  his actual name, did not speak a word, just guided me to lie down, and then put a blanket over my body and a towel covering my eyes.  This action did kind of concern me as I wanted to see what was going on, so I adjusted the towel so that my eyes peeked out.  AND- the room was not private, there were 5 other people getting foot reflexology- a sort of communal “FLOW” going on in this dark space filled with Oriental music creating a relaxing ambiance.  Jerri then took hot towels and cleaned my feet, love this service as it so human and compassionate, and then began to expertly massage the pressure points of my feet.  This entire spur of the moment,  unanticipated but surprisingly stimulating and invigorating reflexology resulted in the feeling of renewal!  The service ended with another round of feet cleaning via a new set of soothing hot towels on my legs/ feet, and it was absolutely the beginning of a new tradition for me- FEET PAMPERING or REFLEXOLOGY.


Your feet take a beating every day, and you use them to carry your through life, it’s wise to care for them.  Dr.  Paul F. Brezinski, a Chicago area Podiatrist, says that the health of your feet can affect your overall health.  The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) considers your feet a marvel of engineering. Together, your two feet contain more than 50 bones, accounting for about one-fourth of all the bones in your body. And somehow they also make room for more than 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold them together and help them move.  It makes sense that one would want to keep their feet happy by keeping them comfortable and pain free; reflexology is an inexpensive and physically healing way to do just that!  Read here why you should care for your feet.



When you have the opportunity to invest in your health and well being, consider partaking in the ancient and holistic method of reflexology so you can get some Kefi QI going through your body!  YOU WILL LOVE IT!


Carpe Kefi!

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