Tahoe- It’s Beautiful!  

Good morning sunshine!

Jill and I arrived in Reno Nevada/California last night.  The landscape of this place is simply breathtaking. This morning  we are headed out to assemble our bikes for tomorrow’s #72 mile ride, register and check out the the hills we will climb.  


The exciting event we are participating in is celebrating their silver anniversary this year.  More than 3,300 amateur riders are expected from all over the country, and the event is SOLD OUT!  Ride begins tomorrow at 6am from the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and circles around lakes and climbs hills up to 7,000 feet in elevation.  BREATHE KIKI BREATHE.  

Spectacular scenery, mountain air and the ability to hop a bike and cycle to my heart’s content is a real special opportunity.  Thank you to every single person who has encouraged, inspired, motivated and supported me in my endeavor.  My wish to each of you is that you will keep moving and grow in health as long as you are breathing. 


Carpe Kefi!

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