Group Support Trumps The Lone Ranger

Regular KV.COM readers probably have noticed that lately I’ve been blogging a lot about weight and fitness.

Primarily, this blog category has to do with #KefiLife that supports a healthy lifestyle which has one living in a sound mind and healthy body.

Secondly, my posts have to do with “my last 7 pounds.”

Since beginning my longest lasting and most successful weight loss journey in 2014, I have fine tuned my nutrition and fitness a hundred times over; this is what keeps us on the healthy track, tweaking our personal program until we get it just right.  The nice thing about getting healthy and to my best weight, is that everyone around me is observing and taking note of the process.  Now, all six of us in my family, are keenly mindful of lean, dense and nutritious food choices with two of my daughters and me now on a specific mission.


Two of my daughters and I have voiced our intentions and goals to each other in order reach our result by a designated time.

We are all in to help each other with meal prep, fitness logging, working out, keeping each other accountable by checking in with each other every day, and getting excited for our best bodies!

Kathryn : five pounds off by the first day of school/ August 20, 2016

Sophia: 10 pounds off by Jr. prom

Kiki: 7 pounds off by 2 year anniversary/ September 15, 2016

“A support system can be a huge part in your weight loss goals.  Many people find it very hard just to workout or even getting to the gym.  Now having a support system behind you while you lose weight will give you that motivation and inspiration to continue on especially when things get hard or frustrating.  It is always nice to having someone have your back because things never work out according to plan.  It really doesn’t matter who your support system is either wether it is a friend, coworker, spouse or even your personal trainer.  Just remember to have people there to help motivate you and keep you accountable.”   Jeff Croswell , NASM Elite Trainer

The reason people give up so fast is because to they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten!

Weight loss is not a physical challenge, it’s a mental one.

Every smart choice you make in nutrition affects you in ways you can’t imagine.

Not for a day, but for a lifetime…

Not to feel good in clothes, but to feel good in our skin!


To my girls: Let’s fall in love with taking care of ourselves.  #SOUND MIND IN A #HEALTHY BODY! 

To you: JOIN US!

To me: Enjoy water in my new glass bottle that has a contraption to easily infuse lemon and cucumbers plus/ and or fruit/ into my healthiest drink this week.  


Ready to meet the challenge this week!  YOU?


Carpe Kefi!

Kiki is a master interviewer with 25 years broadcasting on Kansas City and Chicago radio. She was a prevalent force at WMAQ & WBBM radio where she was the first female airborne news/traffic reporter in the "Windy City". Kiki’s voiceover work has garnered her Omni awards for Evian water and Coca-Cola commercials. These days Kiki enjoys energizing audiences on stage during motivational speaking engagements, and through writing. Her highly regarded “Kefi-That Life Force” column, was published previously in The Greek Star. She’s currently working on her first non-fiction book. [ View all posts ]