Life Can Be Brilliant When You Are -IN OR AT- The Race

Today was an anomaly for me, and I enjoyed it!


At the break of dawn this morning my daughter Kathryn and Coach Jill prepared to run the The Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon through our beautiful and world class city.   This was the first time for Kathryn to run this race and my first time for me to be on the sidelines where  I learned alot about life from people watching.  I was there for Kathryn and Jeff was there for Jill; we both wanted to support our loved ones in their pursuit of 13.1 and we did it by being present and following their path via a cool ap called Free Runner Tracking.  The ap guided us through every step of  these 2 marathoners, which allowed us to observe all kinds of people along the way.  To show our support, we appeared at the start, mile 6 and the finish of the entire race.  It was fun to be able to do the race with Kathryn and Jill from the position of cheerleader and it gave us (Jeff & me) perspective:

We all come to the starting line from somewhere else, with something different to offer, with our own personality, our own hardships, our own fears, our own reasons, our own pace, our own clothes, our own motivation, but we each share one similarity : TO FINSH THE RUN!  The way we go about our run, or our journey, is entirely up to each of us as long as we don’t give up and we FINISH STRONG!


The prevalent differences were varied:  attitude, clothing, personality, solo runners, group runners, first time, veteran, tall, short, chubby, skinny, fast, slow, fit and somewhat fit.

Some of the funny get ups the runners were wearing made me laugh and made me think…these half marathoners have KEFI



ELVIS SIGHTING in the flesh and barefoot….hahahaha



PEEKACHOOOO on the loose- The Pokemon craze continues.



The Believers


fastest runner

FAST RUNNER: I saw this guy at mile 6 as I was walking to find Kathryn running and he was walking the wrong way, and I asked him…”what are you doing …did you already finish,” and he said “It was a great race!”  Number 1461, he made me look up his number to find out his name, Robert Dron, kicked butt and finished 13.1 miles in 1 hour 17 min.  WOW, that got my attention.  Robert cranked out his miles at a 5:54 pace.  IMPRESSIVE!

  • OVERALL17 / 11016
  • DIVISION2 / 751
  • GENDER15 / 4536

He told me that preparation, cool temps and a combination of everything just going right helped him have a terrific run.  KUDOS ROBERT!



Everyone was at the race to run, feel accomplished, enjoy the outdoors, make themselves better, do something healthy and active, run towards something good, to become a half marathoner and to run their own race to the FINISH LINE!   This is awesome…we can achieve a result in our own special way with the goal being to complete our task and say those magic words –I DID IT- 








THEY DID IT!!!  So proud of Kathryn and Jill for running a fabulous race and finishing through storms and rain.


It was my pleasure to reverse roles today and be a person that is on the other side of the fence…the person there encouraging & rooting for my loved ones, and lots of strangers too, to “RUN THE RACE!” The day was unpredictable and exciting and yet there was familiarity in that we are all a community with the potential to become better step by step and day by day.

The only thing stopping us is us- and honestly….life is absolutely brilliant when you are open to living it; SO GO OUT AND LIVE IT FULLY!  KEFI STYLE….



Anthony Robbins sums it up pretty well….



Carpe Kefi!

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