Pet Lovers Will Love This Movie!

The Secret Lives of Pets opened yesterday to great reviews, and I wanted to be one of the first to add my assessment.

Being the owner and lover of dogs, Athena is my bestie, I just had to go and check out the new movie Secret Lives Of Pets directed by Yarrow Cheney & Chris Renaud .  The adorable story of pet personalities, the affection for their owners and the mischief they can get into was a slam-dunk draw for this weekend’s “big screen” entertainment.  The story line was adorable and so was the animation depicting the animals and their furry friends.  Bubbly, bright & funny, the characters certainly made me laugh, beginning with the small but fierce SNOW BALL and leading into Max, Duke, Chloe, Gidget, SweetPea, Buddy, Mel & Leonard.  The voice of the pets were engaging and included familiar names; Kevin Hart, Dana Carvey, Albert Brooks and Jenny Slate among many other talented actors.


Secret Lives Of Pets solidified the fact that my dog is very special to me, and Athena is good for me physically, psychologically and socially. According to an interesting article in the Atlanta Magazine:

“Pet owners tend to be less lonely and have better self-esteem than non-owners. “They’re like eternal children; they make us feel needed,” says Sandra Barker, professor of psychiatry and director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Beck adds, “It’s assumed that lavishing time and attention on your pet means it’s taking away from human relationships. But we see the opposite. Being a pet owner is not a substitute for positive human interaction, it’s actually a facilitator.” Pets can even help those who have trouble with sociability: One study found that autistic children are more likely to talk to other kids, smile, and laugh when they’re around animals.

Part of our attraction to pets is innate. “Research has shown that we’re wired to respond to cute, infant-like behavior and looks,” Beck says. “And we’ve selected domesticated animals for those ‘youth’ traits. An adult dog is basically a puppy wolf.” Still, the allure goes beyond the visual appeal—we’re also emotionally Velcroed to our furry friends. Back in 1988, Barker measured how close subjects were to their dogs versus their human family members. “We found that there was no significant difference between people and their closest dog and their closest family member,” she says. In other words, we really can love our pets just as much as our spouses, our siblings, and even our children.”


ATHENA – 5 years old.

Nice thing about pets is they come in all types: parakeets, fish, dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, gerbils, goats, and more.  Pets are fun to have around and like in the the movie, they can be quite entertaining and lovable.

Families and youngins will adore this short and well written movie for pet lovers and otherwise.  A light and fun film for everyone, this one has plenty of KEFI to keep the energy positive all weekend long!


Carpe Kefi!


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