Sculpt & Stack Lessons

Hi- first off please let’s share a moment of silence for our distraught friends in #Nice & #Paris. #PRAY



OK- thank you for stopping by tonight.  I hope you are safe and well. As we collect ourselves from the emotional rubble, allow me to respectfully spread positive and hopeful energy from my morning YOGA-SCULPT CLASS that Sophia and I attended. We arrived by the hairs of our chinny chin chins, and the room was beyond packed.  Thankfully, we were able to squeeze our mats in the back of the room and prepare to break a profound sweat. Yeah – we did that.

Once again #KATIE hit it out of the park.  Her energy is consistently inspiring and motivating to get us sculptors stronger and leaner one motion at a time.

However, this class is not only about working out, it’s about stacking yourself. Stacking your body to stand taller, last longer, look cutter (is that a word) define muscles and lengthen. Stacking is a life enhancer and endorphin provider.

Sculpt is also about making SWEAT a daily ritual.  “Sweat is magic.”  Instructor Katie says that sweating gives you potential – we should cover ourselves in it every day to grant our wishes, that’s why Core Power is magical.

These nuggets bestowed upon me this day empower me to breathe in strength and exhale confidence. Additionally, I’m fully aware that  there is a mindset in all we do, and I want mine to be victorious and focused.  How about you?


Carpe Kefi!





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