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As a wellness advocate, not only for myself and my family but for all whom I come into contact with, my ethos has me sharing all positive energy (KEFI) pertaining to the mind, body and treasured spirit allowing one to LIVE LIFE to THE FULLEST! For this very reason the teacher in me (by personality- not profession) feels privileged to be a part of a global population that is rapidly “changing the world one drop, one person and one community at a time.”  doTerra Essential Oils has turned me into a passionate Oiler; we help ourselves and others heal and feel better naturally.

The Backstory

Rewind back to September 15, 2014 when I made the decision and commitment to myself to get healthy by dropping 20 pounds.  The Lifestyle program I signed up for and became a part of: LEAN LIFESTYLE at ENERGIE, revolved around many wholistic principles which are synergistic with good health.  One of the principles, besides fueling with organic nutrition, is to heal and invigorate naturally, and this method dates back 3,500 years to the ancient time of Hippocrates, using and applying essential oils from living organisms like from flowers, herbs and vegetation.

According to, Hippocrates placed great emphasis on strengthening and building up the body’s inherent resistance to disease via natural means.  For this, he prescribed diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage, hydrotherapy and sea bathing.  Hippocrates was a great believer in dietary measures in the treatment of disease.  Hippocratic medicine was constitutionally based, so its approach to diagnosis and treatment was quite flexible.  As a holistic healing system, Hippocratic medicine treated the patient, and not just the disease.  He was famous for healing via medicinals from the earth, like with oils from plants.

Here at home in 2014….every week for 12 weeks our lifestyle class would meet and learn from an expert in wellness including doctors, dietitians, elite athletes- JILL, and RN’s like Jenine Gollogly who has incorporated essential oils into her life in order to optimize wellness.  Jenine is a nurse by profession and she has added doTerra Wellness Advocate to her resume.  Jenine is who I have to thank for introducing me to an area of natural medicine that scientifically, authentically and naturally improves, and in many cases heals the mind/body.



RN Jenine Gollogly and doTerra Wellness Advocate


I bought my first and most favorite essential oil, Lavender, from Jenine, which was the impetus for sampling more.  I now apply and use about 15 different oils from doTerra.  Jenine is the reason I have discovered this earthly and phenomenal oil that I now find myself traveling to Utah for more in-depth knowledge and understanding.





In September, I will join Jenine at the 2016 doTerra international convention in UTAH .  I’M SO EXCITED to hear from the founders and learn first hand how doTerra progress is going and what’s on the horizon for this company that Forbes magazine calls one of the 10 top best companies to work for in the US.



doTerra is a product that teaches, heals and helps people globally…check out the You Tube video and you will see how.

More to follow, but in the meantime keep striving for good health, it’s your most prized possession.




Carpe Kefi!



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