Why I love Katie!

Summer can be full of wonderful surprises when you have an open mind, and I DO!


You ever wonder if it’s the thing you are doing that you like, or is it the person behind the thing that you admire so much?  In the case of this morning’s  CORE POWER YOGA’s Sculpt class led by the incomparable Katie, I believe it’s her. The combination of 60 minutes of continual & challenging movements inspired by a lithe, motivated and compassionate teacher (lover of yoga and people) has me elated that I accepted my daughter’s invitation to join her once again for a session of STRONG!  I was not planning on doing a sculpt class this morning, but when a loved one makes a request, you abide when possible.  Katie once again amazed me with her leadership and direction of this form of fitness that I have previously attempted a couple of times but never really embraced.


IT’S NOW DIFFERENT- I love how Katie walks into Yoga Sculpt with both barrels loaded:  energy, desire and an opening brief and resounding remark fire out to get our minds right for the upcoming hour of tough moves, deep breathing and lots of water loss through profuse sweat.  Aside from this, today’s beginning was just perfect…Katie started class with a quote that she liked so much – one that she saw displayed on a girl’s t-shirt during a transfer at the airport .  The words impacted her, and she wrote them down in order to recite them for her Sculpt class….am I ever glad she did:




GO KATIE…this motivation by the late and great Muhammad Ali set the tone for the class and solidified the notion of “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!” The word impossib..has to be extracted from our vocabulary.  We have to rewire our brains to be mentally open to all the possibilities.  We have to come to the mat unafraid, and ready to do what we can, leave the mat a little better and return to the mat a little stronger -every time.  This is why I love fitness- it mirrors  LIFE and if we get our mind in the right place and our body in the right place our spirit will SOAR AS HIGH AS THE EAGLES!


I also love that Katie is a former college swimmer- the discipline she practiced day in and day out spilled over into adulthood and it shows on her body and in her actions.  Athletes are trained to build, improve and get better through effort and commitment.  That’s Katie.

If I’m going to get better at something, I want my teacher walking the talk and helping me do what he/she has already done, and hopefully done well!

In closing, keep yourself a priority and when you seek instruction or guidance from someone who is going to make you better, make sure they lead by example!!!!








Carpe Kefi





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