Why I Love Summer Nights

Greetings from my “Kefi” neighborhood.

I expect that you are enjoying this summer evening, I certainly am in full throttle of the joys of the season.

One of my favorite things to do in summer is take night time walks with my bestie Athena.


Baby girl and I seen here on a day walk…but you get the picture.

We always find adventure, and tonight it was at  my friends/neighbors Beth and Gary’s backyard garden.  Their garden is expansive and overflowing.

Tonight my little Greek Goddess and I found adventure in the form of my friends/neighbors Beth and Gary’s home and backyard garden.  Their garden is expansive and overflowing, and Gary gave me the 411 on how Beth cares for it, and pulls from it daily to use veggies for frequent cooking; my idea of “ORGANIC.”  Beth mentioned to me that she will help me start a garden next year as I have found my second calling in cooking.  I really enjoy cooking, and the final product tastes better with “farm to table,” food.  Beth’s garden occupied tomatoes, cucumbers which she gave me a bunch as they make a most delish low calorie snack, basil, thyme, cabbage, Greek oregano, parsley and more.  All the ingredients I cook with, and all the essentials for any healthy minded chef.







Gardening gives one the opportunity to have a task that is enjoyable and stress free while allowing one to create and finish a project.  KEFI!


Upon telling Gary how much I loved his backyard layout, including 3 seating areas to allow for “vacation feel” conversations under a starry moonlit night, he invited me and Athena inside to see something even more awesome – Beth and Gary’s kitchen.  This kitchen has personality!  I loved the cookoo clock from Switzerland on the wall, the open spice rack with side granite slabs for chopping and preparing of foods next to the grill, the leather, worn couch across from the kitchen table, sentimental pics on the wall, fresh garden vegetables on the island, and a white stone deep sink to clean the remains of what I’m sure are delectable meals. This kitchen reminded me a room that could belong to Julia Childs.   This makes sense because like my pals, JULIA CHILDS had an appetite for LIFE!

The rest of Beth and Gary’s house had a feel of France with regal character combined with a touch of wonderful comfort.  Before this evening I had no idea how creative, organic and original my friends  truly are.  It was fun to see this side of them, and also to get ideas for my own house.  You never know, I may do a cooking show from my kitchen, and I need to have all props in place!!!!


Make the most of your summer nights, make them fun and enjoy them outdoors at least some of the time; the temp is mostly just right and the adventures can be too!

WHY????  Because …



Carpe Kefi!

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